Presolana i live. Sports, music, trekking, culture and shopping in Castione

L ‘summer in Presolana comes to life with its thousand events already today with the fun “Sciada with ass”, a fun competition with wooden boards that will lead to Dorga from kl. 15 a team competition along the city streets, between obstacles and trials to be overcome, on the notes of DJ Thundergame. At 8 pm after the award ceremony, the party will continue with an aperitif at Nem bar.

Next Saturday, July 9th, another great event takes place, the STIHL Timbersports Italian Championship by Castione della Presolana, an ax and chainsaw competition, which in addition to the youth section will also have the Italian champions in the competition. Throughout the day there is also space for trade fair stands, bars and restaurants. (Information

To mark the calendar for music lovers instead on July 23: appointment in Castione with the first “Rock and Folk Festival in Presolana”, with new local groups. A moment of live music between original songs and amazing covers by artists of all time. During the day, along Via Fantoni, the Hobbyists on the square will exhibit their creations.

More music on Saturday, July 30 with “Catione Country”, which will bring to the streets of the historic center of the city theme dance, challenges to the mechanical bull, arm wrestling and entertainment for adults and children. An opportunity to discover the traditions and sounds of twentieth-century America. If in this case hat from Cow boy and boots will be the rigueur, Tuesday, August 2, instead it will be curiosity and desire enough to be amazed, get lost in the city streets between the crowded atmospheres and the street artists’ guests in the eleventh edition of “Festival of Light”.

From light, we then move on to mystery and darkness on the weekend of 6 and 7 August “Witch’s Office”, leads into the medieval village Russia with on the theme, workshops for children, food service and the more than 40 stalls “Strigamarked”. An opportunity to immerse yourself in an adventurous atmosphere with moments of entertainment for adults and children.

For those who love sports and music, do not miss the third edition of “Be happy”, scheduled for Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of July, two days of football, spritz fest, dj set and a Bob Marley cover band. For those who love to run and have fun, the deal on August 17 in Bratto is with “Color Run”, a colorful race full of fun that will end with “Color party”, between music, colors and entertainment for adults and children (tickets and information at this link).

If your passion is Bergamo cuisine, festivals are what you’re looking for, starting with “San Peders Fest”, scheduled for tomorrow at San Pietro Church in Priona with the Alpini group behind the stove. Also noteworthy is the double deal on Sunday 24 July with «Festa del Santèl» in Predusolo with a refreshment and «Festa al Campo» in Bratto.

For those who want to be in Presolana the weekend of August so as not to be missed “Feast of the Sanctuary of Lantana” in the locality Lantana in Dorga, with typical dishes and music from Friday 12. to Sunday, August 14th.

Presolana Street Food

If your passion is not casoncelli but street food, do not miss the fourth edition of “Presolana Street Food”, with a number of lorry which will feature whims and benefits from around the world from Thursday, August 18th to Saturday the 20th from 10am to midnight in Castione.

Those who love to walk among stalls and stands will find a high-altitude shopping experience in Presolana: the “Hobbyists in the square” will offer different markets during the summer from tomorrow from kl. 10 in Piazza Roma and Piazza Venezia to a first market in Castione, which will be followed by the market on 8 July, the date of “Black night” from Dorga, where the stalls are accompanied by entertainment, music and partying.

Saturday the 16th of July, again in Dorga, it’s time for them craftsmen, who in addition to exhibiting their creations will show the stages of making bags, small wooden sculptures and much more. Saturday 28 July always in Dorga repeated with “Markets in the square”, while on July 29 held in Castione in via Donizetti a fashion show promoted by Settantaoutlet and Planet Andrea stores.

The black night

To be added to the calendar on 10 August: date d “Dorga Party”, an evening of music and shopping “Hobbyists in the square”, who will exhibit their creations and the day “Craftsman exhibits”, another appointment at Castione to discover the secrets of potters, sculptors and other local craftsmen.

Not only fun, but also many cultural events for the Presolana summer, starting from Saturday, July 9 at. 17.00, where Palazzetto Donizetti will host the President of ISTAT Gian Carlo Blangiardo and the journalist Corriere della Sera Danilo Taino, which will tell about the economic, social, institutional and cultural transformations of our time.

The presentation of the book will be held on Saturday the 16th at 16.30 at Palazzetto Donizetti “What’s left of a life” by the Covid-19 Victims Family Association, while for local history enthusiasts the same day, at. 14.30, to be held the guided tour of the historic center of Castione, with meeting at piazza Roma, a repeat walk on 9 August. The area is still the main character on Saturday, July 23rd tour for the rediscovery of the village of Lantana, between the sanctuary and the villas of the early twentieth century.

The sanctuary of Lantana

The tours in the company of a guide continue on Saturday 30 July with a stop at the village of Rusio, where a reading of local legends will also be held, which will be followed on Friday 5 August a guided tour in the moonlight combined with fragments of art therapy departing from the Sanctuary of Lantana.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Parish of Bratto the photo exhibition is set up “150 years of community” set up at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Oratory in Bratto, open every afternoon in July and August, free admission. The festivities continue on Tuesday 9 August at 8.30 pm with a conference in the art historian’s church Silvio Tomasoni dedicated to Maria V’s birth parish in Bratto and its treasures. In addition tour of Bratto on August 16 with readings and testimonies from the last century and an aperitif in the late afternoon.

A glimpse of the Predusolo ethnographic itinerary

The inauguration of Predusolo’s ethnographic path Saturday, July 30 and the agreement with the Bergamo dialect led by Emilio Gamba, scheduled at Hotel Milano on August 8 at 5 pm For lovers of stars, planets and astronomy, a number of appointments atThe Astronomical Observatory of Castione: July 9, August 10 and August 11 (reservation of guided tours at Infopoint Presolana).

Numerous other activities planned in Presolana: from the appointments in the cinema, with the best titles of the season just over, to the mornings dedicated to yoga on the lawn of the Orto Campo farm every Tuesday in July and August. Also planned trekking and go to discover Via del Latte, in the direction of Bragozza Refuge or in the Canyon in Val di Pora (information on For sports enthusiasts do not miss “Stracastione”, scheduled for Sunday, August 14th.


Also on Tuesday from 26 July to 30 August for children in Dorga, there will be theater performances, in addition to the activities from “And … stay in the park”, between games, workshops and sports exclusively for boys and girls at the Parco della Montagna in the Castione della Presolana, where evenings dedicated to goodnight stories Each Thursday. Do not miss baby dance every Wednesday, while the little ones in August dance on Mondays in Castione on Piazza Roma, on Wednesdays on Piazzetta in the former primary schools of Dorga and on Fridays in Parco della Montagna di Bratto.

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