who is the captain of Sara Gama, Italy and Juventus

If even the authoritative Encyclopedia Treccani added a post dedicated to Sara Gamawhat the captain on national and of Juventus it has no parallel in the world of women’s football and civil rights for its active contribution and participation in the public debate on gender equality, the pay gap and the recognition of professionalism.

Will be is captain of Blue led by coach Milena Bertolini in England, where the Women’s European Championships will be played, between 6 and 30 July 2022.

Sara Gama: who is and how the passion for football was born

Sara was born in Trieste on March 27, 1989 from a Congolese father and a mother from Trieste, in a border town, where he learns the rudiments of a life marked by passion for sport and then football and the discipline he learns on the basis of a continuous training to lead time to devote to studies, physical activity, and setting goals.

Still very young, she sets out on her path without ever putting aside the ball she encounters when school and the sport in general have just started. After the scientific high school diploma in Oberdan Trieste, Sara Gama continues to devote himself to his studies – despite his footballing commitments – graduated in Udine in Foreign languages ​​and literature: talk today Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Her attention to new problems in the world of women’s sports and her direct experience as a footballer put her at a crossroads: she takes the path to consciousness, conscience and has been fighting since her experience at PSG to overcome a chasm era: today he is vice president ofItalian Footballers’ Associationa union made popular and of undoubted depth also thanks to the work of Damiano Tommasinew mayor of Verona.

The meeting with football

Who is he today Sara Gama we learn it thanks to his own will, his book, his popular work. His career has been articulated. After his youthful experiences, Gama she already shows an extraordinary resistance that makes her stand out in the field among children and in the cross-country race that she cultivates with satisfaction when she is a child.

Sara begins to play with a professional commitment (when we remember that it was not intended at the time) in Zaule Rabuieseto Muggiaand then move to Polisportiva San Marco by Villaggio del Pescatore (Trieste municipality Duino-Aurisina). Here he stayed for 6 years, debuting for the first time on a women’s team and strengthening some personal beliefs that he describes in his biography.

The debut with Tavagnacco

The “real” debut comes with the shirt off Tavagnaccoone of the teams that made the story of women’s soccer, and that, when Will be the player with undoubted qualities has already proved herself, she wins her achievements: here Gama collects 52 appearances and even scores 4 goals. Here she stays until the season 2008/2009, where she reaches 3rd place in the classification, in the women’s Serie A.

The following season, Will be moved to Chiasiellis, also in Friuli, where she continues to grow, but which also represents a major breakthrough in her career: During a engagement with the national team, she suffers a very serious right knee injury that causes her to study insanely. In his debut year at Chiasiellis, he played in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, while the best result in the league came in the final season 2011-2012, which ended with the achievement of a 7th place under the technical guidance of Fabio Franti.

During the summer break 2010, he takes the opportunity to play in a foreign league and temporarily moves with the loan formula to the Pali Blues to play in the United Soccer League W-League.

The turning point with PSG and the history with Brescia

But 2012 is the year that changes the perspective that Sara Gama had until then in terms of experience in professionalism: first in Brescia (25 appearances and 3 goals, finishing in third place), then the following season the transition to PSGwhere he collected 10 league appearances and made his debut in the Women’s Champions League.

The footballers enjoy the same treatment as their male colleagues, they are immersed in a perfect machine, almost unknown to Sara, who despite another serious injury assimilates by osmosis what she experienced in Paris and understands how difficult the road to go in Italy is . And not just for a formal hole: the question is cultural.

His stay in the line of PSG ends up with a technical background and not just that of the captain national makes his own and leads to Brescia, where he returns with a new project in the summer of 2015 and stays there for two seasons until the transition to Juventus women.

Switched to Juventus

In Turin, in its first season, Sara Gama he won the Scudetto by beating his former team Brescia in the playoffs. Two more consecutive sequels, an Italian Cup and two Super Cups.

A life on the national team

Sara’s history with the national team is just as intense, which began when Sara was called up for the first time National U19: debut in Italy-Slovakia on April 25, 2006, on the occasion of the qualifying match for the European Championship 2006. With this representative, he won the European Championship in France in 2008 as captain and entered the top XI of the tournament according to UEFA.

With the senior national team, one of the cornerstones is confirmed: too Antonio Cabrinict of the blue before the appearance of Milena Bertolini, trust is undeniable. She therefore travels to England thanks to a considerable wealth of knowledge between coaches, teammates and logics attached to the national team, which certainly makes her very experienced and prepared.

Source: ANSA

Privacy and his book

Highly reserved despite the presence and institutional attitudes, Sara Gama she is very discreet about her family and her feelings in general, so much so that her Instagram account is almost completely dedicated to the professional and informative activity for which she took responsibility.

Mattel party doll

Among the 100 most important football players in the world, according to the ranking compiled by the authoritative The Guardianits now global fame has been celebrated by Mattel in 2018, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, as the only Italian included among today’s and past 17 personalities chosen by the renowned toy manufacturer, “who has been able to become a source of inspiration for generations of girls of the future”.

On that occasion, the recognition was accompanied by the creation of a Barbie representing Sara in the black-and-white sweater: “Being an example to the new generations in breaking down society’s barriers is something that pushes me to give more and more “, he declared to the delivery of the banknote icon representing it.

Precisely by virtue of its human and professional history, Will be was invited to collect what has been achieved in a book aimed at the new generations with an autobiographical taste, “My life behind a ball”.

Institutional posts in FIGC and AIC

FIGC Federal Council since 2018, Sara Gama was elected Vice President of AIC two years later: she is the first woman in history to hold this position. In 2021, he also joined CONI’s National Athletics Commission, and the same year he obtained the Tricolore Ancri recognition from the National Association awarded the Republic’s Order of Merit as “Italian pride on and off the field”.

The captain of the Blues is committed to the League as a member of The Federal Board and is chairman of the Commission for the Development of the Female Figure of Football.


Who is Sara Gama, captain of Italy and Juventus, fighting for equality and civil rights Source: ANSA

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