The baby bands? They defeat each other with identity, roots and culture

Rome, June 29 – “Let’s defend our country, let’s defend our people” was on the banner of the commendable Rimini initiative against the baby gang phenomenon. Well, I think it’s important to start by asking ourselves “who we are”.

Every day we read and hear the use of one of the most insidious and slick expressions ever: “West”. The West, if we look closely at it and without going to reveal a historical reconstruction, adds to itself the worship of the individual above all else, the consequent trademark of existences, the boundless dominance of global capital. AND’ from the West that the “new monsters” are born who preaches absolute conformity smartly hidden behind liberal discourse. The individual thought does not admit any critical deviations, on pain of feeling, isolating and expelling. It is from the liberal West that “cancellation cultures” are born, “awakened” struggles. Everything is dedicated to work-produce-consume-crack, now also to order! Oh, the wonders of progress!

Responding to a revolution with a revolution

Finally, the West is no longer a physical geographical place, the West is a complete anthropological revolution, the West is the new human being, a dream come true for some, a nightmare for others. What to do? Old Lenin would ask himself. A revolution can only be answered with a revolution, moreover, of the same intensity. Rediscover the ideological invention of the concept of the West and rediscover the most intact roots of our history, it is thousands of our ancient continent.

It is therefore not surprising that any subject, man or party comes out of the narrative he already has his label ready: if you are in doubt about the conflict you are putinist, if you are against arbitrary cuts in the welfare state you are communist, if you are against multinational corporations you are socialist, if you are against the collapse of the so-called baby gang, then you are racist .

Baby gang phenomenology

The baby band phenomenon, as mentioned recently, originates from an immigration policy imposed from above, “without if and but”. These guys, let us remember, are often second or third generation and therefore actually have Italian citizenship, they do not feel Italian, but have a strong, almost atavistic, affiliation with their country of origin: very often these boys carry North African flags or they do not hide ethnic tensions that animates them. The latest episodes are there to testify. The baby bands – only identity and especially in the clan – are the cultural product of prisoners, radical – gangster in western style. Their scams would never be allowed in their parents’ countries of origin, and they know it. If only he had used the same decision-making, sometimes authoritarian, to control, monitor and sanction the jogger on duty, he would probably have sent a signal of authority. It is difficult to say whether it is therefore a question of unwillingness or political vision.

We wasted days tearing our clothes up for the alpine gathering, but when it comes down to it a real question of securityit is always and only the usual people who move, as last Saturday’s garrison at Rimini station demonstrated.

Greed is the fuel of decay

The phenomenon of baby gangs is then encouraged by a low offer, sometimes very low, from those people with poor professionalism and work ethic, who rents out houses to dozens of people, or hotel rooms for a few euros person per day (see latest news), but also by those who sell shots for a few euros. “The point is, gentlemen greed, I can not find the best word, it is valid, greed is right, greed works. Penetrates, clarifies and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Life in all its forms: greed for life and love, for money has marked the progress of all mankind. “These are the words of Gordon Gekko in the cult film “Wall Street” words very well represented the frozen west of the eighties, a preacher of all the negative values ​​whose offspring today build a less glittering and more begging present.

Culture is the key

The phenomenon of baby gangs is not contained in a naval blockade, a real patch on a grenade wound, but it is tackled with education, culture and a real rediscovery of one’s own identity and the requirement that this be respected by those who come from outside. It is important to remember that a weak identity is relentlessly destined to succumb to a strong one, because after all, we lose it completely in favor of the most vulgar (dis) value junk of Anglo-Saxon and American matrix.

Immigration must then be regulated and revised in a long-term perspective that takes into account the drama of the national birth rate and not handled as a weapon against peoples and nations or reserve army for capital, where both the natives and the immigrants themselves pay for it. Berto Ricci wrote: ‘non-compliant, not indifferent but in conflict with’ times’! Remember the Arabic proverb that suggests: “Hard times breed strong men, strong men breed happy times. Happy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times”. Therefore to be an example, precisely because the word teacher, the example supervisor.

Lift your hearts!

Valerio Savioli

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