Printer rental, the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses –

As we know, the presence of one or more printerscopiers or professional multifunction machines are indispensable in any work environment, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, which often produce a significant amount of copies or prints, but which have no convenience; to buy a car whose costs are quite significant.

A professional laser printer, a multifunction machine or a color copier are work tools that allow you to optimize office productivity and to speed up the flow, but to equip yourself with a performing and innovative device, the best solution is to rent.

Thanks to the professional service of printer rental Milan Even a small business, a start-up or a professional can get a car of the highest qualitywith innovative features, capable of making excellent and well-defined prints and, in the case of a multifunction, even digitized photocopies and faxes, for a single monthly fee.

With the additional opportunity to not only choose a model of the latest generation, but also to take advantage of a complete assistance service engineering, repairs and maintenance.

With decades of experience and a strong spirit of innovation, Giustacchini pressure offers tailor-made solutions for managing the printing and archiving of documents in companies and offices of any sector and size, and offers a valid, professional and complete service.

Choose a high-performance multifunction machine for your office

Rental service of copiers and printers it can be adapted in such a way that it has the most suitable machine model available for your work and for the characteristics of your office.

It is important to keep in mind that the rental is not alone Avoid paying for it of the purchase, but allows you to take advantage of a number of interesting options, on the basis of which the contract is established: number of copies per year, inspection and maintenance interventions, delivery of spare parts and consumables and remote control. In addition to the possibility to ask throughout the duration of the lease replacement of your machine with a different model, more performing and equipped with sophisticated features and performances, of course at no extra cost.

At the end of the rental period, it is still possible to renew it and ask for a new, more modern and innovative car. Given the intensive use often made of a copier, it is very important could replace it at all times and above all to have an accurate and professional service of technical assistance and repairs.

Benefits of renting: savings, performance and reliability

Relying on rental services for copiers or multifunction printers means first and foremost save on costs of machine control, with the option to rent also a latest generation and top model that only bears the fee.

Thinking about buying a copier is actually not to be considered as an advantageous solution, primarily due to the price is significantit is also necessary to consider the degradation that a machine of this type inevitably undergoes and the need to perform interventions; maintenancerepair and replacement of worn parts.

The rental service allows you to receive personal advice and a precise and detailed offer, and then continue with the choice of the ideal machineincluding high-definition black and white or color laser printers, black and white and color copiers and multifunction machines that can also be used as digital fax.

The rental feein addition to not compromising the liquidity of a company, it also provides access to interesting concessions thanks to tax deductions.

Wide range of choices to satisfy every need

You can choose from one wide range of printers and multifunction machines according to the needs of your business, not only from a technical point of view but also to budget available. The elements you need to consider when choosing the best machine are the paper sizewhich can be standard or special, such as printing labels or postcards, the number of prints and photocopies made on a daily or monthly basis, and any need to have performance such as scanners and faxes.

The rent is always inclusive a guaranteewhich protects the machine from problems, errors and defects: an additional benefit especially for companies where printers and copiers are used every day and frequently.

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