Police academy swearing in 309 officers. Fear of new courses

Bands new agents in again with open doors

At the ceremony, after two years of interruption in connection with the pandemic emergency, the family members of the student agents were also able to attend. Among the authorities who attended the ceremony was the director of the institute, Maria Teresa Panone; the Prefect of Perugia, Armando Gradone; the substitute for the Quaestor of Perugia, Maria Grazia Corrado and the Mayor of Spoleto Municipality, Andrea Sisti. The director of the institute expressed his deepest satisfaction with the positive course of the course and for its excellent result, thanked the school staff for their commitment, the teaching staff for their professionalism and accessibility and the young agents for enthusiasm and body spirit as they faced the demanding training course.

After reading the oath formula of the director of the institute, the first three were classified in the final ranking of the course by the prefect of Perugia, the mayor of Spoleto and the substitute for the Quaestor of Perugia. the award of the first three classified in the final ranking of the course. Compliments were also given – handed out by the Supervision of the State Police Schools – to six probationary officers who during the training period, free from duty, excelled for their professionalism and commitment during a police intervention in Spoleto Municipality.

He insults and threatens students with a knife, police officers, condemned from Spoleto

The message from Commissioner Bellassai

Perugia Police Commissioner Giuseppe Bellassai also wanted to send a greeting and greeting to the new agents. It was read by the pastor Maria Grazia Corrado.

Face your profession – the Quaestor emphasized to the student agents – with commitment and dedication. Remember the privilege that has been given to you: to wear the uniform of the State Police works for the benefit of others. There is so much responsibility in this! You will need to feel the weight and control it as best you can. Always be balanced and correct. Make your own and be inspired by the values ​​of legality and justice that make our organization amazing. Remember, every day, to put the Always Being There into practice, which is not only our motto, but our own philosophy. And that means, in the first place, that the closeness to people declined in every possible way. The citizen, the protection of his rights, his security is our goal: the reason why we exist. We can and must never forget that. I wish you all a good life. I wish myself and our entire organization that you manage to be good officers and officers. Because you, you are our future! “.

For the agents, it is now the turn of the internship

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the dispatched department left the school grounds and paraded in front of the authorities and family members. From next July 1, the 309 agents – 211 men and 98 women – will reach out to the various service offices across the country, to the applicant internship, which represents the final phase of the demanding training course.

Fear of Priscus for stopping for the police courses

But on the day of the festivities for the new 309 agents, the deputy for the brothers in Italy, Emanuele Prisco, is sounding the alarm about the temporary halt of the Spoleto Institute.

“The news that Spoleto Police Academy will stop for six months – comments on the parliamentary and national leader of the relationship with the FDI police forces – inflicts a severe blow to the “Lanari” State Police Superintendent Institute, to the city of Spoleto and to the completion of the bankruptcy proceedings that should and could have taken place there, organized by the State Police for the recruitment of personnel ”.

“In a historic period where the government should fill a strong recruitment gap – Priscus continues – if anything, we would expect a greater effort to recruit police officers who use all available space to speed up the deployment of new staff. With a question to the Minister of the Interior, we asked the Minister for explanations to prevent the department’s activities from being stopped, also in view of the fact that the 218th course has just begun and until 11 July, the students will follow distance learning at that time. sent to the selected schools, where, however, there seems to be overcrowding of students and lack of teachers. “All of this would certainly mark a setback in the introduction of new staff, a hypothesis to be avoided given the chronic shortage that is forcing our men in uniform to ensure total operations and more security in our cities with exhausting guards.” .

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