LANDBILD ARCHITECTURE. Deadlines for submitting applications for support for interventions for the restoration and improvement of historic buildings in rural areas and for the protection of the countryside have been reopened – Tourism and culture

After registering a great success for the Communication on the financing of interventions by private individuals wishing to restore and improve historic buildings of rural architecture and landscapes, approved with AD No. 40 of 8 April 2022, due to the extension granted granted by the Ministry of Culture to all regions for the implementation of the application selection procedures, the Puglia region stated with AD no. 89 of June 28, 2022 la reopening of the terms for submission of applications, starting from kl. 9.00 on 1 July 2022 and until kl. 16.59 on July 29, 2022.

We remind you that the Puglia region – Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Valorization of the Territory approved with AD no. 40 of 8 April 2022, the public order on the selection of the interventions to be admitted for funding, in the wake of the regulations issued by the Ministry of Culture and shared with all the regions, to implement Action 2.2 of the PNRR “Tourism and Culture “(M1.C3) dedicated to” Protecting and improving the architecture and the landscape “and all the necessary tools for formulating applications and related project proposals.

The resources of the economic grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture with DM n. 107 of 18 March 2022 to the Puglia region, drawing on the resources of the PNRR, with a minimum target of funded projects corresponding to at least 375 interventions.

The Public Order provides that applications may be submitted by private subjects (individuals, companies, bodies in the third sector and cultural organizations, church bodies, foundations and other organizations) for the restoration and improvement of historical and / or typical limited assets in the landscapes of the Apulian area, such as farmhouses, farms, trulli, oil mills, stables and mills, but also rural churches and votive shrines, and even dry stone walls, fountains, wells and other structures that testify to the traditional agricultural economy and landscape development, to protect and strengthen the assets of the tangible and intangible culture and to restore the landscape quality of the sites, as well as to promote new initiatives and activities linked to sustainable tourist-cultural enjoyment and linked to traditions and local culture.

After the branch’s first opening period, between 19 April and 15 June 2022, No. 1085 applications are currently under investigation and evaluation; and it was decided to reopen the deadlines to allow the proposed subjects who have not completed the transmission process of their application in time or in the manner allowed before 15 June, but also to allow the submission of further applications which: The Puglia region will study and evaluate to expand the range of eligible projects in order to fully saturate the current economic availability or the greater availability that can be derived from a possible relocation.

It is confirmed that the transmission of applications can only take place from kl. 9:00 on 1 July 2022 and exclusively through the application prepared by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA for all regions, which will be available upon registration from the following link: https: // To use the application, you must also read the updated operating instructions.

The procedure for selecting the interventions to be funded is a one-stop evaluation procedure, in which case the timing of the arrival of the applications will therefore guide the examination and assessment of the benefits to the Commission. Applications will only be examined and evaluated up to the amount of financial resources available in general.

For the presentation of the application, it will be necessary to fill in the form directly on the application, only to upload the project documents requested with the file format that we attach:

as well as uploading documents and self-declarations according to art. 8 pcs. 4 of the Public Order.

For information regarding the content of the message, please refer to the following e-mail box: and to the telephone number 080-5405642 (from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm from Monday to Friday).
Updates and frequently asked questions will be posted gradually on this page.

For information and assistance regarding technical-IT issues associated with the use of the application for compiling and transmitting applications, a dedicated contact center is available directly managed by Cassa DD.PP. to the toll-free number 800.020.030 and to the mailbox:; The CDP portal, which must be accredited for the application and project proposal transmission procedure, is always available via the link:

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