“Electric racing is the future. In F1? Cheering Ferrari”

The 22-year-old Swedish driver is the first woman to participate in all the races in the FIA’s world championship in rallycross, where in 2022 she will drive 680 horsepower electric cars. “A dream come true. Prejudice against women? In motorsport, which I know they do not exist”

Giulio Masperi

– Milan

She was born in Löberöd, a city with a thousand inhabitants in Sweden, and discovered the passion for speed as a child, starting from go-kart racing at the age of seven. Klara Andersson is the first full-time driver in the Fia World Rallycross Championship, who has competed with fully electric cars since the 2022 season. A new adventure behind the wheel of a car with an output of 500 kW (680 hp), shared with compatriot Niclas Grönholm (CE Dealer team). Is passionate about racing lectern, in Formula 1 cheers Andersson for Scuderia Ferrari and in World Rally for Finnish Kalle Rovanperä. World Rallycross Championship? “A new challenge where there will be a lot to learn and have fun in: We aim to win the world championship,” he says to Journal the 22-year-old Swedish driver who, after collecting Scandinavian titles, has chosen to compete in rallycross since 2018, win the Swedish title in 2021 and thus arrive at the RX World Championship.

Klara Andersson, is the first driver to participate full time in FIA Rallycross: how are you? And what are its goals?

“I am very happy, let’s say it is a dream come true, a big step forward after the experiences at European level. We have a team, CE Dealer Team, with a clear vision in the short and medium term: develop the car, improve you as drivers, help complete the championship, which is driven with beautiful and fun cars. My dream for the next few years? When I become FIA ​​RX World Champion, I work every day to think about this “.

World Rallycross 2022, after an introductory event in “its” Sweden the first weekend in July, starts from the Nürburgring at the end of July and ends at the Spa-Francorchamps in October: places of worship for any enthusiast. .

“The calendar is incredible, there are legendary tracks like Spa, where I debuted last year (in the cadet series RX2e, ed.). Racing you with these machines, which have a really huge power and which provide maximum torque right from the start, being electric, makes the series very explosive and fun. And then the race format allows us to give full throttle, to step on the accelerator without making calculations for energy savings ”.

Race with an electric car from the CE dealer team: do you drive a zero-emission car in your private life?

“(smiles). I admit that I have driven the same car since I got my driving license, which is not electric; soon I will have to replace it, however, and the management will go towards a battery-powered car”.

How did you approach motorsport? Your big sister, Magda, also competed before her in the European Rallycross Championship: What advice did you give yourself?

“From the age of 7, I started go-karting, my parents were both drivers at the time, and so was my sister. For me, it was natural I loved speed from the first laps. So around the age of 13-14 I was trying to figure out if it could be my ‘way’, testing my skills and really putting myself to the test. Magda gives me great support, she is a fundamental figure for me ”.

“For two years, after graduating, I have trained with a personal trainer: I love fitness and Crossfit-like training. Before the races, I spend a lot of time on the simulator to learn the secrets of the tracks. Between one official race and the other, however, I also train with karts, because the necessary attention and some technical aspects that you can train are also found in rallycross ”.

Are you passionate about other sports?

“I have previously played ice hockey for many years and also football. If I see other races? Safe. In Formula 1, I do not lose a GP: This year I think Ferrari and Red Bull are the strongest teams, although I’m sure Mercedes’ improvement: you just have to understand when and how it will happen. I personally support Ferrari. In the World Rally Championship, on the other hand, Kalle (Rovanperä, Ed) has an impressive speed, and Toyota is the team to beat. I would add that it is exciting for all of us fans to see Loeb and Ogier in some races.

“Yes, I competed with karts on some courses, I well remember Castelletto (in Pavese, Ed), and I spent several holidays in Rome and Florence, cities I loved”.

Fortunately, in the third millennium, there are many steering wheel subjects in various motorsport series. Do you think there are still some prejudices about female drivers in the fold?

“I do not want to say that I personally have always felt considered on a par with my male colleagues, even last year in the Swedish championship, where we women were actually a clear ‘minority’. I believe that women in motorsport are always respected for a technical fact as well: in races we compete on equal terms, it is the beauty of motorsport that guarantees gender equality. “

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