At the start ‘Ragazzinsieme’, sustainable stays for children and teenagers

Back again this year Boys together, summer pedagogical project that offers residential pedagogical stays for children aged 7 to 17 years in contact with nature. The co-operation agreement approved by the regional council following a proposal from the councilor for the right to health gave the green light to the 2022 edition Simone Bezzini and signed on 23 June between the Region and Uisp Tuscany Regional Committee to the Ragazzisieme project.

The program includes summer experiences for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 yearswith many activities aimed at wellness, healthy lifestyle choices: proper nutrition, outdoor movement and strengthening of protective factors (life skills, empowerment).

“The Ragazzinsieme is a ten-year project – explains Commissioner Bezzini – included in the regional program To earn health: Make healthy choices easy who want to pursue a vision of health as a result of a harmonious and sustainable development of man, nature and the environment based on a proper lifestyle. The project, which started in 2010 and with the only exception of the forced break in 2020 for the pandemic, has had growing success. This year’s edition aims to promote the development of actions aimed at promoting, in addition to a proper lifestyle, the psycho-physical well-being of children and young people, the development of a critical sense and a stronger culture of legality. and environmental sustainability, through experiences that combine knowledge with growth opportunities offered by the Tuscan territory. It is an opportunity, after the last few years, which have imposed restrictions and periods of isolation, to gradually and safely resume measures for the well-being of children and young people, which are closely linked to certain rights such as peer socialization, play, outdoor movement “.

“Already in the first hours after registration – he explains Lorenzo Bani, chairman of the Uisp Toscana Ap’s Committee of the Regions – there was great interest in the planned experiences for the Ragazzinsieme edition 2022, an indication of not only qualitatively interesting proposals, but above all a sign of the increasingly urgent need for a return to pre-pandemic normality. Cooperation with the Tuscany region on these issues is fundamental and central to all our activity, which has Sportpertutti as its main objective, also through a project like this, which has strong social and healthy messages in it. The continuing situation of uncertainty due to the pandemic first gave us the opportunity to reach the number of education proposals we had put forward in 2019, but we are convinced that it will be possible to do so as early as the next edition. In the meantime, we offer our children experiences both on a sailboat and on horseback, activities that it with the contribution of the Tuscany region will be possible to participate in at very low cost “.

Those who participate in Ragazzinsieme have the opportunity to stay together for a week and live a learning didactic experience. During the stays, where a regional contribution is foreseen, the participants discuss with the operators some issues such as proper nutrition, daily movement and information, and educational initiatives are offered on aspects related to pollution, on how to protect oneself from ultraviolet rays and for an appropriate and proper use of the mobile phone to favor the relational aspect.

Sailing and riding experiences are planned for 2022 which will allow participants to experience new emotions together, strengthen personal and relational skills; learn to value well-being understood as a result of caring and respect for oneself and for others, pursued in close contact with nature. The role of the adult educator in these stays will then be to facilitate exploration and understanding of what is happening.

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