Ancient art, “Antiqua” returns to Magazzini del Cotone: 2022 edition dedicated to flowers

Genoa. Back to Genoa, ai Cotton stocks to Porto Anticothe most anticipated event of all lovers of ancient art, and this year also of flowers and floral decorations, Antiquanow in its XXXIII edition.

That fil red of market exhibition of ancient artplanned from Saturday the 5th to Sunday the 13th of February – is flowers in artjust to celebrate the upcoming 12th edition of Euroflora, planned in the Parks and Gardens of Nervi from kl.
April 23 to May 8.

The theme of flowers will develop through the event’s exhibition path and in the atrium of honor with a review of pieces from Banca Carige’s artistic heritage and demonstrations of floral compositions organized by the Ente Floral Decoration Amatori in Genoa, founding member of World Association of Flower Organizers and always present in the most important international competitions in the sector.

“While most of the events in the antiques sector in all parts of Italy were canceled, and not only, we have chosen with determination to declare – declares the President of Porto Antico di Genova Spa Mauro Ferrando – thanks to the encouragement of many of the historical exhibitors, but also by important antique dealers who had been missing for some years. “Antiqua – continues Ferrando – confirms itself more than ever as a reference event, could not miss the year in which the 30th anniversary of the redevelopment of this beautiful area is celebrated , which over the years has become a unique place in the Mediterranean “.

High-era furniture, sculptures, fine rugs, paintings from the seventeenth century with an excursion to Ligurian painting from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, silver and jewels, wood and marble sculptures, ceramics, artistic glass, books and prints will form the backbone of the manifestation. Stamps on the floor and plexiglass plates with the logo “Fiori in arte Aspettando Euroflora” will indicate the works with a floral motif in the exhibition.

“Genoa will once again be the capital of antiquities, thanks to the Antiqua market exhibition for ancient art, which is much loved by the Genoese – comments the Councilor for Cultural Policy Barbara Grosso – The 31st edition of the exhibition, which hosts Magazzini del Cotone for the third time in a row Porto Antico, inspired by floral themes as a tribute to Euroflora, does so by showing works by Ligurian artists, such as Rubaldo Merello or Raimondo Sirotti, coming from Banca Carige’s collections to show off in an unprecedented and highly suggestive context. “.

Among the exhibits on display are a chest of drawers with three drawers with the motif of the heart, Genoese baroque, from the mid-18th century, from the same period and also of Genoese production, a double body or Louis XV trumeau with shamrock shape, copper coping and a Louis XIV double-leaf card table in rosewood and viola. From Venice a Louis XIV trumeau decorated in poor art from the beginning of the 18th century, the Lombard chest of drawers in walnut briar from the 18th century.

You will be spoiled for choice among the paintings, from “Flower Tribute to the Construction of Molo Nuovo alla Lanterna” by Stefano Camogli (Genoa 1619/20 1690) to “Noah’s Ark after the Flood of Bernardino Campi’s Workshop (Reggio Emilia 1520- 1571 ), “Laban’s Reconciliation with Jacob” by Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari (Genoa 1598-1669) and “Still Life with Fruit Near a Mountain” by the German Johann Conrad Eichler known as Wollust (1680-1748).

For Macchiaioli, we start with Giovanni Fattori, the headmaster, to move on to Telemaco Signorini and Silvestro Lega and Ludovico Tommasi. For the Piedmontese painting Lorenzo Delleani and Enrico Reycend, the Venetians are represented by Guglielmo Ciardi and his daughter Emma, ​​Giovanni Boldini, the most famous of the Italian peintres in Paris with a watercolor made a plein air along the Seine. A leap into oriental atmospheres with Alberto Pasini, while the Florentine Galileo Chini returns delicate floral atmospheres with an oil from the 1920s. The Lombard School is represented by Pompeo Mariani and Giorgio Belloni, both ligurators by adoption and by their vivid impressions of the Ligurian sea. The Ligurian school is widely represented by the best interpreters of the 19th and 20th centuries.

They range from the elements of Ernesto Rayper and Serafino De Avendaño, the founders of the modern landscape school, to the magnificent coastal views from the protagonists of realism in the second half of the 19th century, Angelo Costa, Andrea Figari and Giuseppe Sacheri. With Antonio Varni and Giovanni Battista Torriglia, on the other hand, we enter the popular dimension of genre painting. The new pointillistic experience in Liguria opens with Plinio Nomellini and Gaetano Previati, founders and theorists of the movement, with a late canvas of the first, ending on ‘Island of Elba, imbued with a symbolism and a bright and vibrant chromaticism, and a large vase with flowers of the other, whose chromatic degradation into filaments predicts futurism.

Then Rubaldo Merello and Giuseppe Cominetti, to reach the painting of ‘900, which in Liguria has Antonio Discovolo, Romolo Pergola and Federico Maragliano as protagonists. And then works that approach the atmosphere of the twentieth century, and interpret it from time to time in fixed geometric visions with classical evocation and plastic values ​​such as Alberto Salietti, Cornelio Geranzani, Emanuele Rambaldi, Paolo Stamaty Rodocanachi, Pasquale Bocciardo, Lino Perissinotti or with references from the seventeenth century as Pietro Gaudenzi or expressionists as Eso Peluzzi.

Among the Genoese silverware are worth mentioning a pair of Louis XVI fonts in fine embossed and chiseled silver from the 18th century, two cutlery sets of silver, Punzone della Torretta 1777, a pair of Louis XVI fonts in finely embossed and chiseled silver from the end of The XVIII century, depicts “The Baptism of Christ” and “The Virgin”, with carved and gilded wooden frames. Also of Genoese manufacture an “intense” wooden crucifix of the Genoese school in the seventeenth century. Among the flower pieces a magnificent Brussels wallpaper from the 17th century.

The Carige exhibition

Banca Carige confirms the close collaboration with Antiqua and Porto Antico by presenting the exhibition “When art … florishes: masterpieces from the Banca Carige Collections” on the occasion of this XXXI edition. A selection of Ligurian works that deal with the flower theme and its different interpretations in art through the centuries. Some works by important artists such as Rubaldo Merello or Raimondo Sirotti will be exhibited, but also fine 18th-century pottery from the Savona manufacturers.

Banca Carige has launched several communication initiatives to promote this important event by disseminating them to all ATMs in Liguria, on the institutional website and on its social channels dedicated to art, culture and territory, especially Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, a special agreement has been entered into with Antiqua’s organizers, where bank customers with Carige debit or credit cards will be entitled to buy tickets at a reduced price.

EDFA teaching in flower decoration

Waiting to see the extraordinary compositions that the EDFA decorators will prepare, after the great critical success achieved at Euroflora in 2018, with Campania’s flowers in the rooms of Villa Grimaldi, and Antiqua will offer the opportunity for a small taste of floral art.

The President of EDFA, Paola Zattera, will be personally involved in the creation of the composition d’accueil that will adorn the entrance to the exhibition. Live classes are planned for Tuesday the 8th and Thursday the 10th of February, starting at

The 31st edition of Antiqua is organized by the Porto Antico di Genova Spa, under the auspices of the municipality and the Genoa Chamber of Commerce.

Useful info

Antiqua is open on the two weekends from 10 to 20, from Monday 7 to Friday 11. February from 14 to 20. Admission costs 12 Euro, 8 Euro reduced.

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