“Politics deaf to appeals”


The unions of show business workers are calling for intervention from the Puglia region to deal with a crisis situation throughout the sector. And they condemn political inattention. The Puglia region decided a few days ago to cut 30% of the resources of small and medium-sized production companies in the Apulian culture and entertainment sector. Tivoli and carousel companies also took part in the protest. Out of more than 200 carousel and amusement park companies represented by Anesv Puglia and Basilicata, which join Agis, less than half operate on the territory of the Apulian municipalities, and for those who open, they do so by postponing the opening of the park with two hours to save on large energy consumption and transportation.

The unions clarify: “After months of appeals, requests, vain waits and meetings between trade unions, trade unions and stakeholders, the Apulian companies were clearly informed that they will no longer be able to count on sufficient resources for planning activities and maintaining It is places and entertainment operators who, thanks to the foresight of the Puglia region over the last decade, have also helped to create jobs and increase regional GDP, which today faces incomprehensible choices and unsustainable cuts.

The year – they still explain – had not started in the best direction: Councilor Bray traveled for personal reasons; resignation of the majority of the members of the board of directors of the Apulia Film Commission; the approval of the 2022 budget with a 70% reduction in resources compared to the 10 million requested, and finally President Emiliano’s decision in February to keep the culture delegation to himself, giving Councilor Lopane the sole responsibility for tourism; .

This situation has severely undermined the region’s ability to take responsibility for the needs of the sector, which has created dubious and sometimes self-referential choices on the part of the structures, as evidenced by the serious recent news reports, to the detriment of the image and real interests of a sector precisely because it was severely damaged by the pandemic – now more than ever in need of support to preserve what has been achieved so far and follow up on its growth potential in the interests of work and the regional economy.

The partnership highlights how the recently anticipated cuts not only constitute a strategic flaw, but are even more intolerable in light of the resources that the region does not miss at major events, often volatile, which last a few days to the detriment of the companies as operating and creating economy, and I work in our territory all year round “.

Therefore, the unions are asking the political majority and opposition forces in the Regional Council for an immediate integration of sector resources for cultural enterprises in the next budget adjustment scheduled for July.

They ask President Emiliano, “as a guarantee of a no longer an inextricable path to real renewal and relaunch, to cure the current situation by giving full powers to a councilor who can dedicate himself with the right care to the sector and who can guarantee, at all times, compliance with rules, norms and contracts based on any personalism, to take the necessary decisions to return to full operation of the agencies and bodies that support the Apulian cultural industry, all too often unable to provide quick and effective answers “.

“We also ask – they conclude – to take the necessary decisions to return to full operation of the AFC, which, although for various reasons has been in Impasse for some time on various operational fronts, has nevertheless found time and financial resources to sponsor a film festival with implications – unfortunately known in recent news – literally catastrophic, as well as very serious for the region’s image.Companies and workers together do not agree to see the have kept doing to survive even in this difficult historical situation, so frustrated. “

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