PNRR Schools Websites: When the Wrong Provider Can Cancel the Contribution

The opportunity to request the 7301.00 euros funded by the public announcement of PA Digital 2026 with PNRR funds for the implementation of a standard model of a school website has been completed a few days ago.
It is therefore time to choose a supplier. But how to choose the right one?

The problem of poor compliance with school websites with accessibility rules is serious and has stimulated the Department of Digital Transformation to prepare a non-refundable grant that can encourage schools to bring their website up to standard by implementing template made by AgID and Designers Italia.

In fact, according to AgIDto date, 64% of PAs who have completed the accessibility declaration admit to having a website that does not or partially comply with the requirements.

An alarming fact that has led many schools to request the contribution provided for in the just-concluded executive order, in the hope of finally being able to customize their website and thus declare full compliance with the rules.

All very promising and exciting, but it is necessary pay close attention to the choice of supplier to avoid seeing each other withdraw the contribution in the event of non-compliance of the website to the expected evaluation criteria.

As stated in the text of the Communication, “In the event of verification, under control, of the failure to fully comply with national and European rules, even if not criminally relevant, the department will proceed with the full or partial withdrawal of the contribution and recovery of any amounts already paid. […]”.

In this context, the first versions of the tools that AgID could use to perform are already starting to circulate on the web. automated control on school websites.

At present, it is up to suppliers who, for obvious reasons, declare that they offer a fully compatible product, to ensure compliance with the rules.

Unfortunately, the reality of the facts is different.

According to an analysis conducted by Cloud school out of over 100 school sites in Italy, only 5% of the analyzed sites meet the accessibility criteria.

Cloud school is the website developed ad hoc for Italian schools, qualified on the AgID Cloud Marketplace and can be purchased through MEPA, which has as its mission, even before the funding is granted, to provide Italian schools with a final solution that complies with the accessibility rules.

So far nothing new as it may seem like another unfulfilled promise.

So how can a school be guaranteed to buy a fully compatible site? without risking a withdrawal of the contribution?

To date, the only means schools can use to protect their interests is to choose a site whose compliance is certified by independent external bodies.
In fact, the supplier’s promises are not enough, just as a simple accessibility test with one of the validators suggested by AgID is not enough.

In the Italian panorama, Cloud school and first and only website for schools with the accessibility certificate issued by an external body and it alone provides a lifetime warranty which ensures compliance with the rules not only on delivery, but continuously over time.

Scuola Cloud’s commitment to accessibility is so important that a number tests performed directly by people with disabilities, who are currently being severely penalized by the poor compliance of school websites.

You can rate Scuola Cloud here:

At this point, the hope is to help in the short term, thanks to the funds from PNRR and right choices that leaders will operate with a change of course in the panorama of digital services offered by schools to provide citizens with tools; really affordable.

The Scuola Cloud slogan mentions: The digital revolution of schools is possible if you take part in the change. Be the change.

The question for schools is: will you be brave enough to participate in it?

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