Only circus animals are trained

Not to create controversy, but to read that we teachers must be retrainedit seems to me quite serious and offensive: for the term used, and because animals usually train.

I refer specifically to what I read a while ago at La Tecnica della Scuola: “Bianchi announces mandatory digital training courses for all teachers: 4 years to retrain them, awarded 800 million “: “In Italy in 4-5 years, we need to retrain 650,000 teachers to meet a teaching that is sufficient for digital future e […] (Minister Bianchi).


And this says it all about the consideration that politics has for the school, of its operators, thanks to which still a hint of meaning (of the school …) continues to survive.

Do you need more? Or has our professional and human dignity reached the maximum margin of tolerance?

I’m afraid not even the consideration to be retrained it will at least move the hill.

We are Italians and that speaks volumes too. And not because we are tired, frustrated, disappointed, etc …, but because we, as always, leave it to others to delegate and delegate and delegate: so much is at least fine with us (otherwise we would not be at that point, where Civil Society and school are now).

rehabilitate !? After all, maybe our Bianchi is right, for some time now we have been toy soldiers ready to carry out any order coming from above, and it does not matter if this extremely tall had any idea what he was commanding. . We are the soldiers of the bureaucracy, and not out of a sense of duty, simply because if we were ever to revolt to be aware of having confused roles, figures, positions and causes, we risk ending up as the Palermo colleague whose only “fault” was to believe that still the feeling of “freedom” that a place that the school should always preserve and express, has freely expressed one of his ideas, and opened up a discussion with his students: The school is no longer the place of the democracy of thought. Removed from his role as a teacher, and with the salary no longer paid to him: an expression of this is DL 36, in spite of any contrasting action, which remains DL 36, and like 107 Renziana, passes quietly, with all the damage that it follows (and it has followed, before, and which Renzi and his entire PD have gone home for and have learned nothing….).

I would like to invite you to connect on YouTube to follow an interesting intervention regarding an intervention in a live broadcast at the School, where it was clearly pointed out that DL 36 does not represent the solution, but if anything it is absolutely far away . from solving the problems it actually generates others and therefore it is useless and burdensome.

Parliament’s response, better than the government’s, was an absolute silence that speaks to the awareness that we are sailing on other seas, on other roads, and above all, it confirms that we are no longer in democracy. But unfortunately I was not able to find this morning by browsing the website of the intervention. Who knows why !?

How many other transgressions do we have to accept helplessly and irresponsibly, that is, in our constant apathy towards what has been raining down on us for years now? We do not understand that the certainties or certainties on which our fort is built are silent, creating margins of weakness, and that sooner or later we will all be called to appeal, and I hope it is not too late. Nothing is safer than the restless insecurity of our time today.

But the complaint that says about awareness of pulping requires an act of democratic reconstruction: look at it if 10,000 professorships are taken out of the game, and it does not matter if they are upgraded, along with the obligation to retrain, with the addition of an indifference in front of us. to the difficulty of teaching within the now called chicken farm classes, it means that it will be up to us, also to us, each one of us, and perhaps we will be out of the game, as losers, or perhaps placed in offices, far from the place of our meaning., far from that which recognizes us and where we recognize ourselves, as human beings and as a public civil social role, beyond the mask. And what will we do then: will we weep, will we beat our breasts, as if this were enough to heal sin by our “absence”?

Mario Santoro

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