Martingale 2022: “9841 / Rukeli”

Second edition of Martingala, a festival that in July will illuminate the “Federico Caprilli” Hippodrome for 9 evenings with suggestive tales inspired by the world of sports and its protagonists.

the spectacle of the sport

Saturday, July 2nd
by and with Lamberto Giannini
Production Company Mayor Von Frinzius

Friday, July 8th
9841 / RUKELI
by and with Gianmarco Busetto
reads Enrico Tavella
lights Marco Duse
graphic design Marina Renzi
directed by Gianmarco Busetto, Enrico Tavella
Farmacia Zooè production, 2015

9841 / Rukeli tells the story of the Sinti-born boxer Johann Trollmann, alias RUKELI.
The human and sporting story of a man who alone dared to challenge Nazi propaganda with one of the most striking and least known gestures in history. An act of love told under the tragic skin of a disfigured Europe. The performance invites reflection on modern forms of racism and prejudice, and on the relationship that binds man to the concepts of dignity and diversity. A comparison between yesterday and today, on the influence of the past in our time.

Winning show from Rome Fringe Festival, Rome 2016
Best Show, Best Actor at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, California-Mexico 2018
Rostagno Award from the Academy of Anti-Mafia and Rights, Best Show, Best Instruction, Best Actor, Best Show Popular Jury, Rome 2019
Finalist at Emergency Stations Toledo Gallery – Stable Innovation Theater, Naples 2017

About 9841 / RUKELI:

The actor’s body – big, wide, solid – talks about resistance, impact, breakthrough. The white powder that slips away from the body at every slightest movement is the corporeality that constantly rejects Arianization, insult, insult. The voice, as deep as a maze of roots, keeps the character, the man and the actor anchored. Rukeli is a monument of strength.
Marianna Sassano, Nonsolocinema

It tackles the issue of racism and prejudice in a completely original way.
Anna Fiorile, Quartaparete

A necessary theater that arises from the urge to tell something to be told. A sight that hurts. Much. And it’s right to do so.
Alessandra Agosti, The Journal of Vicenza

Friday, July 15th
PING PONG In addition to the net
by Alessandro Fani
with Alessio Sardelli
directed by Carlo Sciaccaluga

Saturday, July 16th
by and with Davide Tassi
directed by Francesca Rizzi
with the extraordinary participation of Alessandro Donati
Lighting design by Paolo Russo
assistant director Elena Stabile

Wednesday, July 20th
Socrates’ tale in Fiorentina
by Marco Caldoro and Antonio De Gregorio
based on the book of the same name by Lorenzo Iervolino
with Marco Caldoro
music Erika and Manuel Petti
directed by Antonio De Gregorio

Friday 22 July *
dramatized reading by Luca Salemmi
taken from the book by Simone Fulciniti “Spagna ’82”
in the 40th anniversary of the world victory

Saturday, July 23rd
eight with
by Gabriele Benucci
with Fabrizio Brandi

Wednesday, July 27th
by Nicola Fanucchi
with Jessica Baroni, Matteo Micheli, Nicola Cosentino,
Emanuele Giorgi, Francesco Nutini, Lorenzo Ricciarelli
directed by Nicola Fanucchi
assistant director Carlotta Lucchesi
lit Claudio di Paolo
historical advice Luciano Luciani, Emmanuel Pesi
photos Pierdario Marzi, Carlotta Lucchesi

Saturday, July 30th
dramaturgy by Alessandro Brucioni and Michele Crestacci
with Michele Crestacci
directed by Alessandro Brucioni
original compositions Alessandro Brucioni
Mo-Wan theater production

TICKETS: Single seat € 10, they are for sale at the ticket office at the Goldoni Theater
Tuesday to Friday at 10.00-13.00 and online at
* Free presentation.
On the evening of the performance, there will be tickets on sale at “F. Caprilli” from 20.30

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