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Jeanneau Yachts 60, a free and safe boat

Sailing with a sailboat is always a great thrill, as he also says Philippe Briand “We are in a non-urbanized environment, there are no roads, but only wind, sun and waves. If you are able to understand these ingredients, you will be rich, very rich in freedom ”

Maybe for this reason when I board Jeanneau 60I immediately understand that it is a free boat, designed and engineered to sail in absolute safety and cover miles.

Despite his 18 metersin this sailboat everything is easy and at hand, if i were alone i would have no problem driving it.

Jeanneau 60 responds exactly to what every owner wants from his boat, safety, ease, autonomy, performance and seats on board to live, both inside and out.

The search for the right size and balance can be felt everywhere, starting from the cockpit, which offers large spaces that can be used both for an aperitif with friends and to be on guard during navigation, even at night, protected from wind and cold, so as much comfort as possible.

The test of Jeanneau Yachts 60

Jeanneau Yachts 60 Gilles MARTIN RAGET

We leave the port of Cannes on a beautiful day, characterized by a calm sea and a northeasterly wind of about 7/8 knots.

We hoist the mainsail effortlessly, simply by operating the operation on the driving console, where we also find the primary and secondary game controls.

With the same ease, we open the genoa, and the hull immediately begins to assert itself.

Soft waterlines, inverted bow and a slight taper in the stern give little resistance to advance, so much so that we are already sailing with just below the wind speed.

I try to tighten and with an apparent angle of 30 degrees the speed increases quickly, we sail with 6 knots and the feeling of stability and balance is maximum.

I decide to change tempo, I give the command to the crew and here the boat leans up against the new walls and starts again without losing pace.

The two consoles located in front of the two wheels allow me to easily read all the data I need and the driving position provides excellent visibility, despite the spray helmet being open.

Poggio and I bring myself between 45 and 60 ° and here the boat goes in my opinion into his comfort zoneas we often call it, when we are in balance with ourselves, and producing the best relationship between real and apparent, we sail at 7/8 knots with a real of 7/8 knots, excellent performance for a cruising boat.

I expand again and go to 110/120 degrees, the real wind remains constant around 6/7 knots while we sail with 5 knots. A respectable speed, especially if we take into account that we have a 105% jib ashore.

I would have loved to try this Jeanneau Yachts 60 with a few knots more wind because ‘it could definitely give us some surprises.

Test conditions

Apparently wind Real wind Velocity
30 ° 55 ° 6 Kn
45 ° 76 ° 6.6 Kn
60 ° 82 ° 7.7 Kn
90 ° 101 ° 6.5 Kn
110 ° 137 ° 5.4 Kn
120 ° 130 ° 4.6 Kn

How Jeanneau Yacht 60 is made



From the stern there is a large space between the two wheelhouses, which provides easy access to the central cockpit, spacious and arranged in such a way that it provides maximum comfort and maximum convenience both to go down to the dinette and use the two large ones. compass tables that allow you to eat ten people comfortably .

The ability to lower one or both tables using the telescopic legs allows you to create a single surface with the side cushions and become an extremely comfortable relaxation area.

The high-angle spray cap offers good wind protection and leaves a lot of visibility thanks to the wide crystal mounted.

The sloping gangways, which have now been used on the yard’s leading models, offer an excellent passage so they can easily get ahead thanks to their width.

In front of the tree we find the solarium area, here the cushions for three people can be placed, and if necessary we can mount an awning between the tree and the genoa to create a very useful shade area on hot summer days.

At the bow we find an integrated dolphin that allows you to arm one CODE 0 easily thanks to the free and manageable rug that provides a large space.

The interior and the configurations

lounge area

I go down the stairs consisting of 5 large steps, which thanks to their low slope provide easy access to the Saloon.

Large and of truly impressive dimensions, it provides an incredible amount of light thanks to the many windows obtained both on the sides and on the deckhouse, where we find three large portholes, two of which can be opened with compasses.

To starboard, two large armchairs together with the left sofa create a cozy place to relax or eat comfortably.

The whole environment is well maintained thanks to the cooperation with Andrew Winch who, as always, choose elegant and highly functional lines

The galley placed on the bow, in accordance with the mast bulkhead, allows you to have a large living room that is very comfortable even on the darkest and rainiest days thanks to the choice of bright colors and shades that naturally reflect the light.

Jenneau Yacht 60 cabin

In this version we find a configuration with a large owner’s cabin aft operated by a bathroom with a single entrance directly from the cabin, providing a decidedly unique privacy.

At the bow we find two mirrored guest cabins, each operated by the shower room, which if necessary can be turned into a single cabin by simply pushing the center wall.

In front of these two twin cabins there is a bow cabin for the skipper or captain. In the stern there is a folding door and the garage, which can accommodate a 3-meter tender.

Jeanneau Yachts 60

Yachts 60 heralds a new design era by offering one many configurations to satisfy each customer’s wishes down to the smallest detail, both in terms of interior design and navigation style.

In fact, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 offers several options: the arch, the hard top, the outdoor kitchen, the detachable front, the rolling mast in the standard version, the classic and performance mast as an option, etc.

It will thus be possible to switch between “Mediterranean sports»For a version suitable for offshore cruising.


Total length 18.28 m
Waterline length 16.82 m
Beam 5.20 m
Draft 2.55 m
Mast height above the waterline 25.10 m
Fuel capacity 318 L
Fresh water capacity 380 L
Slight offset 20.17 t

Philippe Briand Yacht Design,
Andrew Winch Design and Jeanneau Design

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