Bonus 200 euros, school staff will receive it automatically: all useful information

Circular no. 73 of 24 June 2022 on the payment of the one-off contribution of 200 euros provided for in the “Executive Order on Aid” (Statutory Order no. 50 of 17 May 2022).

The measure, the INPS explains in a note, concerns a large number of citizens. Employees, public and private employees, holders of one or more employment relationships who are entitled, from 1 January 2022 to the day before the publication of the circular, are entitled to 0 contribution exemption can receive the contribution, 8%.

The employer will automatically recognize the benefit, provided that the employee has acquired a declaration that he is not a pension holder, paid for any form of social security, accompanying pension and citizenship income.

At this point, the Hermes Notice No. 2559 of June 24, 2022 (see Notice 2559). If the employee has more than one part-time employment relationship, he must only submit the declaration to the employer, who pays the compensation. The bonus is also paid out if the monthly salary is reset by virtue of protected events (CIGO / CIGS, FIS or Solidarity Funds, CISOA, leave).

L ‘self-declaration is not necessary for public employees whose payroll service is handled by MEF’s IT system.

Therefore, school workers are included.

With the monthly salary in July 2022, residents of Italy from 1 July who are pensioners paid for any form of compulsory social security, pension or social benefit, pension or benefit for the disabled will benefit from the measure. civilians, the blind and the deaf, as well as holders of accompanying pension benefits; To access the allowance, the aforementioned treatments must enter into force no later than 30 June 2022, and the personal income tax income – excluding social security and welfare contributions – must not exceed 35,000 euros for the year 2021. Those who see their ordinary disability allowance expire on June 30, is included among the benefit recipients if the treatment is confirmed without interruption.

For joint owners of survivors’ pensions, the benefit is paid to each co-owner in its entirety with verification of personal income. The beneficiaries of the provision also include those who in June are holders of NASpI and DIS-COLL, the beneficiaries of agricultural unemployment for 2022 (relating to 2021) and the beneficiaries of the Covid-19 allowance launched by the Sostegni and Sostegni bis decrees. Those belonging to these categories do not have to submit any application: the benefit will be provided directly by the INPS.

On the other hand, workers must submit an application to the department: holders of coordinated and continuous collaborative relationships, with an active contract per. May 18, 2022 and income from the aforementioned conditions not exceeding 35,000 euros for 2021.


Seasonal, time-limited and intermittent with 50 days of effective work in 2021, resulting in an income of no more than 35,000 euros. The recipient audience also includes fixed-term employees in the agricultural sector; enrolled in the Entertainment Workers’ Pension Fund with 50 daily contributions in 2021, resulting in an income not exceeding 35,000 euros; occasional self-employed persons without VAT number, not registered in other compulsory forms of social security, already in 2021 holders of contracts covered by Article 2222 of the Civil Code, registered in the separate management on 18 May 2022, who have paid at least one monthly contribution during 2021; responsible for home sales, registered in the separate account per. 18 May 2022, which may require an income of more than 5,000 euros from this activity for 2021. For these categories, the deadline for submitting applications is 31.10.2022.

The benefit is also provided for domestic workers insured with INPS Domestic Workers Management, which belong to the categories identified by the current national collective bargaining agreement, which provides the main functions for family partners and assistants to the non-dependent person. These must at least have an active relationship per. 18 May 2022, a 2021 income of not more than 35,000 euros and may not be the holder – at the time of filing the application – of any other employment or pension activity. The contracts considered will be all those that are already in place or whose establishment has not been rejected, on the date of entry into force of the decree (18.05.2022). Only with reference to domestic help, the requests can be sent no later than 30.09.2022. Finally, the measure will also be paid to those households that benefit from citizenship income. For the latter, the amount will be awarded by increasing the July rate if the members of the core house have not already benefited from the same contribution as they belong to the other categories receiving the bonus.

The payment schedule is therefore as follows.

In July 2022 the benefit will be paid to employees, to the beneficiary cores of the DRC, to employees, to holders of one or more pension schemes at the expense of any form of compulsory social security, pension or social benefit, pension or benefit to civilian disabled, blind and deaf-mute, and accompanying pension treatments.

In October 2022 the same will be paid to holders of NASpI, DIS-COLL, to the recipients of Agricultural Unemployment 2021 and to the recipients of the previous Covid 2021 allowance and to workers belonging to the categories invited to apply.

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