Opera Festival of the Stone Theaters

From 2022, the stone theaters’ opera festival will also be a festival for Mediterranean theater with the aim of transforming the stone from history to “musical encounter“; along the shores of the Mediterranean, the ancient Roman and Greek theaters continue to testify to a past that is striking for the modernity with which it was able to express man’s desire to have fun and learn, through the representation of eternal struggle between good and Built in stone, marble or carved into the rock, the theaters of “Mare Nostrum” are places to be revived through symphonic and opera music and this will be “mission”2022 of the acclaimed artistic and concert festival, starting from Greek and Roman Sicily, lands at the archeological sites of Calabria (Locri, Soriano Calabro and ancient Kaulon) and concludes the fourth edition of the Roman Amphitheater in El Jem, Tunisia.

AND'”The awakening“The fil rouge on which the 2022 edition is based in the sign of art and the most intimate culture characterized by an ambassador of expertise from the south, the Sicilian lyrical choir, which in the full splendor of a career packed with growing successes, it is located at loft national and international artistic levels.

The music of the most famous composers from the opera and the symphonic tradition will resonate among the ancient stones of the Millennium Cave, to a festival that already promises to be an unprecedented success, and inaugurated itself as one of the most important and varied Italian music events that capture thousands of spectators with a truly extraordinary variety of artistic quality proposals.

For the opera section, the title is chosen for the 2022 edition CARMEN by G. Bizet which will be performed in new and monumental surroundings in the old theaters of Syracuse (August 6), Taormina (August 9) and Tindari (August 12). In addition, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Giovanni Verga’s death, the great Sicilian writer will be celebrated with one of the sides of strong emotional impact and imbued with spiritual mysticism composed by Pietro Mascagni, composer inextricably linked to the ethnic writer: RUSTIC CAVALARY, through the first national construction of the critical edition.

The passages that L. Mugnone cut before the first performance will be performed without regard to the will of the author, who after the enormous success will never touch the score again, not even to the work’s 50th anniversary, directed by him in 1940 for a recording .

Also room for the symphonic tribute to Ennio Morricone, August 2 at the Old Theater in Taormina and August 8 at Piazza Armerina, and with “film concert“”The sweet life“At the Greek Theater in Tindari on August 26 for a journey into the eternal melodies of Italian and non-Italian cinema, combining memories, smiles and strong emotions; space also for innovations with the now usual pollutions between poetry and pop art, which have had such great success in the last editions of the festival; this year we will be able to enjoy one BATTIATO & DALLA performed at the Magic Greek Theater in Syracuse on July 22nd.

The festival in 2022 will be a true celebration of art, which after about forty years of absence brings the classical ballet into the cave on the Temenite hill to pay tribute to the woman who was certainly one of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century, as by many considered to be “Absolutely great ballerina”, and who lived for this noble discipline: Memorial to Carla Fracci on July 23 exclusively for the Stone Theater Festival hosted by the Compagnia del Balletto di Milano, one of the most prestigious in Italy.

There will also be celebrations of important anniversaries such as centenary of Renata Tebaldi July 31 at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, with “Puccini & Verdi Gala“And the thirtieth anniversary of the massacres that shook not only Palermo and Sicily, but all of Italy, with the deaths of Judges Falcone and Borsellino; for this event a modern opera with a strong civic engagement will be given due to the courage of two writers belonging to the same country as the slain judges: Antonio Fortunato, the composer, and Gaspare Miraglia, the librettist: “Falcone and Borsellino, or the Wall of Martyrs“.

Another big news of the fourth edition of the Stone Theater Festival will be the rediscovery and promotion of authentic open-air theaters such as the Capo Milazzo Marine Reserve, the Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano Quisquina (August 10), the Roman Mausoleum in Centuripe (August 13) , the Hellenistic necropolis of Abakainon in Tripi (August 22 and 25), the archeological site of Gioiosa Guardia (August 3), the agora of Megara Hyblaea (September 16), the archeological site of Caucana, which will be for the first time transformed into real natural stages, where the immortal melodies of the classical and lyrical world will resonate for a real “Union“Between beauty, art and spirit.

There will also be concerts at the monumental Timoleontee Walls of Gela, the Greek theater Palazzolo Acreide, the archeological site Morgantina, the cities of Milo, Catania, Adrano, Castelmola, Ferla, Falcone for the constant work of cultural decentralization in the regional territory, which always has shaped the activity of the Sicilian concert organization.

Also for this year it will bePhilharmonic Orchestra of CalabriaDirected by Filippo Arlia Director of the festival -, theorchestra in the residence stent-theater opera festival; formation that boasts collaborations with some of the most famous musicians in the world, such as Michel Camilo, Ramin Bahrami, Sergej Krylov, Ilya Grubert, Sergei Nakariakov, Yuri Shiskin as well as with famous artists such as José Carreras.

The Stent Theaters Opera Festival, recognized as an initiative of high cultural and artistic significance, takes place under the high protection of the European Parliament and the main Italian and international institutional offices, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, the protection of the Pontificium Consilium de Cultura, Sicilian region , the Regional Department of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment and the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, Rai Sicilia, the Pietro Mascagni Committee, the Verona Foundation for Arena, the Italian Association of Archaeologists, ENIT, Living Archeology, AIAM, etc.

Also for the 2022 edition, the Opera Festival of the Stone Theaters has achieved the prestigious European quality label Effe Label, which has been awarded by the European Festival Association to the most prestigious festivals in the European artistic and cultural panorama.

Opera Festival of the Stone Theaters: you can travel the world or come and visit it in Sicily!

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