Naples, in Ponticelli school open for an evening: an exhibition on the work of students

Despite the particularly difficult months due to pandemic shock, the school for quality education works with activities that go beyond traditional “school time”. A year of work and sacrifice to proudly show community. This is the initiative of the extensive 83 Porchiano Bordiga Institute in Ponticelli, a district in the eastern part of Naples, which tomorrow opens its doors to tell of many months of work.

An increasingly rich school activity thanks to the actions and initiatives that the department promotes through various projects within PON. Classes, workshops and other spaces at the school remain open even in the afternoon to involve not only students but also parents. The aim is to create an “open school” that is better able to respond to the needs and demands of young people by meeting the passions, skills, difficulties, hardships, worries of children and adults. From STEM to art, from dancing to reading, from web radio to paths dedicated to parents. A large and important offer for the benefit of primary and secondary school students operating in the so-called Porchiano area: very high population density, numerous public housing, no leisure areas and no services. In this context, the school operates with its own activities to stimulate everyone to take a different path.

Reading to relax and imagine, the chorus to express oneself through the voice and instruments. Scientific disciplines to have tools to interpret reality. We also look at the newspaper with the web radio, which has made it possible to make various podcasts that just appear from the very young people’s reflections.

We also look at their parents, especially mothers who regularly participate in psychophysical wellness programs which included meetings for proper nutrition and gymnastics and water aerobics classes. The desire to relax, but above all attention to the physical and mental health of adults, which has direct consequences for the very young and the whole family. This was explained by Professor Assunta Carullo, Vice-Principal of the East Naples School, and highlighted the importance of including adults in the daily work of students. There was also a digital lab that put many of them in comparison with computers and other devices to exchange knowledge and skills and learn about the risks of misuse. We worked inside the school – also for the care of the kitchen garden in the institute’s courtyard – and outside the building with exits and guided tours that have rejected goals to be achieved: from the farm holiday to the Città della Scienza up to the various admired museums.

“The Widespread School” – this is the title of the event that concludes the Ponticelli Institute’s projects – will be held on Monday 27 June 2022 starting at 18.00 at the headquarters of 83 ° Porchiano – Bordiga Institute in via Molino Fellapane. The moment was imagined as a traveling exhibition: classrooms and other spaces become corners dedicated to specific activities that have also been realized thanks to contributions from some associations. During the initiative, a short film will be shown and it will be possible to attend the performance of AcCORIAMOCI, the school choir that involves students of all ages between voice and instruments.

“This first year of pseudo-normality after the pandemic has brought to the surface difficulties and conflicts that we had gradually leveled and sometimes resolved over the years. The children returned to school with many worries and fears, physically and psychologically tested by the forced isolation and uncontrolled exposure to social media and video games “, explains Colomba Punzo, head of the Porchiano Bordiga Institute, who emphasizes:” Parents are also they. scared and confused: they often felt abandoned and overburdened with responsibilities, they lost, even more, their trust in the institutions, and the school was the first to pay the price, and became a battleground and an explanation for social conflicts “.

“The demonstration tomorrow evening is an exhibition of our ways, but it is also a pact of ‘reconciliation’, a starting point for the ‘widespread school’ outside the usual times and spaces that are the basis of an indispensable educational alliance,” he explains. Rector Punzo, who elaborates: “I am writing these lines a few hours after the government provision, which as part of the PNRR funded some school instructions for interventions against early school leaving. IC 83 Porchiano Bordiga is not among these, in addition to the considerations of the methods of allocating resources, I would like to say that the path taken this year to “expand” the school in unconventional spaces and times can represent a good intervention model , we will try to support it despite the lack of funding ».

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