it will be discussed on Thursday at the Polo Museale

The Vice-President of the Urban Business District of Trani, on behalf of the Confesercenti Provinciale BAT and the Confcommercio of Trani, at the invitation of the Mayor Amedeo Bottaro, informs that on Thursday 30 June 2022 from 9 to 13 at the Trani Polo Museale will be held the meeting “A itinerary trip to discuss the future of tourism and culture in Puglia”.

An event organized by the Puglia region and Puglia Promotion and Trani Municipality focused on tourism development policies in the area to also reprogram the financial resources and tourism and cultural strategies of “Puglia365” and “PIIIL Cultura Puglia”, with a vision for 2030.

“A meeting that requires the participation of the representatives of the entire BAT economic structure – emphasizes the Vice-President of the DUC, Mario Landriscina – as culture and tourism represent alternative models for integrated development of the economic sectors, from trade to crafts, from small service industry, in the provincial area BAT , whose tourist potential is still struggling to gain momentum, especially towards the desired quality tourism.

The strategic plan for tourism in the Puglia region 2016-2025 will, thanks to the joint work of operators in the sector, local authorities, employers’ associations and trade unions, universities make it possible to plan and develop initiatives that can contribute to achieving a new “shared “vision of tourism in Puglia.

The participation of tourist-cultural companies, exhibitors and traders in the meeting – emphasizes Landriscina – is crucial for understanding the policies and systemic actions for the future of tourism, the culture of the economic sectors associated with the Apulian tourism supply chain.

The meeting will be an opportunity to talk about the progress made by Puglia and our province in recent years and to question the territorial call also in the light of the critical reality experienced during the covid crisis and the new energy crisis dictated by the war in Ukraine.

Nothing will be the same as before, so it will be necessary to reorganize the guidelines for a new Strategic Plan that can provide concrete answers to, above all, employment.

Communication, promotion, hospitality, innovation, art and traditions, food and wine, sports, nature, wellness, sea and sailing, MICE and weddings, cultural and creative – work, identity innovation, business, publishing, audiovisual, cultural heritage, visual arts and design, live entertainment are the many constituent factors of a multi-channel tourism development that will also have to evolve to overcome the periodic crises of the various primary and secondary economic sectors.

A meeting not to be missed – stresses DUC Trani Vice President Mario Landriscina – for the importance and depth of the content, which will be addressed in the presence of the President of the Puglia region, Michele Emiliano, the Councilor for Tourism in the region. Puglia region Gianfranco Lopane, and by the Director of the Department of Cultural Tourism, Aldo Patruno. Therefore, I renew the invitation to participate in large numbers ”.

Event information

ARET Pugliapromento, the Puglia region and its Department of Cultural Tourism, together with the Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Apulia Film Commission meet the territory to reprogram the economic resources and tourism and cultural strategies of Puglia365 and PIIIL Cultura Puglia in 2030.

Puglia365 is the strategic tourism plan for the Puglia region 2016-2025, which involved sector operators, local authorities, employers’ and trade unions, stakeholders, local opinion leaders, universities, LAGs and MIBACT. A corps process that led to the building of a new common vision for tourism in Puglia. The implementation of the Puglia365 Strategic Plan is underway, thanks to the joint work of ARET Pugliaprotion and the Puglia region.

The strategic cultural plan for the Puglia region PiiiLCultura Puglia is a planning and development tool written and built using a functional and participatory method, such as Puglia365. In fact, culture represents an alternative and attractive model for economic and territorial development and encourages quality tourism.

The two plans have managed the tourism and cultural activities of the Puglia region from 2016 until today, carried out by the Culture Tourism Department, ARET Pugliapromento, the Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Film Commission of Apulia. After the Covid-19 emergency and the urgent refreshments and restart actions, the time has come to plan future actions.

Thus begins a traveling journey to together write the future of tourism and culture in Puglia.

The 365 days of the year will be the key figures in the new process: three months to discuss, six appointments in the six provinces of Puglia, five areas where tourism and cultural strategies have been implemented.

There are five technical areas within tourism – communication, promotion, hospitality, innovation, product – and five are the tourism products: art and traditions, food and wine, sports, nature, wellness, sea and sailing, MICE and weddings.

There are five themes for the cultural and creative industries – work, innovation, product, identity, business – and five are the cultural sectors: publishing, audiovisual, cultural heritage, visual arts and design, live entertainment.


The journey begins with 3x6x5 meetings where we will talk about what has been done and together we will ask ourselves about each province’s territorial calling.

We will continue with a transition design phase to design future scenarios together, integrating awareness of the past, market trends and future opportunities.

The guidelines for the new strategic plan will have a public consultation period and will be released in October with a new cycle of presentation meetings.


09:30 – Accreditation and welcome coffee

10:00 – Opening of the works

Interventions and comparison with:

Michele Emiliano, President of the Puglia Region

Gianfranco Lopane, Councilor for Tourism in the Puglia Region

Grazia Di Bari, Regional Councilor with responsibility for Culture

Aldo Patruno, director of the tourism and culture department

Luca Scandale, Director of ARET Puglia Professional

13:00 – Closing of works

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