Ipogeo dei Cristallini opens in Naples

Hypogeum is located in Rione Sanità and consists of four tombs with Hellenic paintings and decorations. It opens to the public with contingent footage from next July 1st, and the finds found in it are exhibited at MANN. We tell you the whole story

Hypogeum of Cristallini (hypogeum C) © Luciano and Marco Pedicini

A project of restoration and improvement of the artistic-architectural heritage, devoted to the social and also to the contemporary soul. With this vision is opened to the publicHypogeum of the crystals of Naples, a burial complex dating back to over 2300 years ago that includes four tombs dug into the tuft, perfectly preserved just like the Hellenic paintings that will be open to the public from next July 1. with limited access (no more than 8 people ad time, with a ticket for 25 euros, although there will be reductions) to preserve the place and the wonders it preserves. Another gem that is rediscovered and returned to Health districtthanks to the will of Martuscelli familyowner of the Hypogeum, and the synergy between the various institutions involved in the restoration of the architectural property: Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence for the Municipality of Naples, Central Institute for Restoration of Rome, Municipality of Naples and MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples, who has dedicated part of his exhibition itinerary to the finds found from the Hypogeum.

The Hypogee of Crystals_La Medusa_ (Hypogeum C) © Luciano and Marco Pedicini
Hypogeum of crystals La Medusa (hypogeum C) © Luciano and Marco Pedicini


Hypogeum gets its name from the street where it is located, Via Cristallini. Each of the four tombs is composed of two superimposed chambers, with a vestibule and the environment in which the tombs were located. What characterizes these environments is the surprisingly decorative apparatus, with bright colors and trompe l’oeil effects that simulate architectural elements and luxurious furniture. The discovery of the Hypogeum is due Baron Giovanni di Donatowho in 1889 had his palace basement excavated to look for water and tuff, and instead found the tombs well preserved, painted, decorated and furnished.


A masterpiece now returned to Rione Sanità, its inhabitants and all those who wish to discover this place, for a restoration and restoration process initiated by the Martuscelli family: “We have been working on this project for three years, we are very excited because we are bringing new light to these paintings that have been there for a long time and have been waiting a long time for someone to do it. And there are so many of us who do “he tells Artribune Alessandra Martuscelli, Director of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini. “The paintings inside the Hypogeum have been well preserved because the rooms have always been closed to protect them, but with the supervision and the Central Institute for Restoration, we have been working on a contingent entry plan to allow the public to visit this place.”. A selection of artifacts recovered from here is exhibited at MANN, where the presentation of the Hypogeum was held: “The choice made with the friends of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini to present to MAN the opening of the archeological treasure of Naples from the Hellenistic age, which lies in the subsoil of Sanità, is of great importance to us all.”he declares Paolo Giulierinidirector of MANN. “We are celebrating this very important phase by exhibiting some finds from that place and preserved in the museum, mostly ceramics and figurine terracotta. As already announced, the rearrangement of the section dedicated to ancient Naples in 2023 will be completed, and MANN, the city “museum, will be able to fully tell its millennial history, first Greek and then Roman. Already included in the Extramann network promoted by the Obvia project, with Cristallini, as well as with all art sites in the historic center, the synergy can only be stronger” .

Hypogeum of the Crystals © Luciano and Marco Pedicini
Hypogeum of the Crystals © Luciano and Marco Pedicini


The Ipogeo dei Cristallini will also be a place dedicated to contemporary art: it opens to the public by presenting works by two Neapolitan artists, Maurizio Elettrico with Convivium eternum (in collaboration with the Morra Foundation), e.g. Christian Leperino with Sidus Terrae (Star of the Earth). The programming of contemporary art at the Hypogeum will be curated by curator Marta Wróblewska. “Because“, concludes Martuscielli,”the goal is for this to be a lively place in the city“.

– Desirée Maida

Naples // from 1 July 2022
Hypogeum of crystals
Via dei Cristallini, 133
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