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Sassari. Five events: that 28th of June (21.30) andJuly 11th (9.30pm) at Piazza Monica Moretti in Sassari; that July 6th (21.00) in the shadow of the San Francesco Monastery in Alghero; July 18th (20:00) in the rooms in the courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale in Sassari; August 10 (19.30) overlooking the panoramic terrace of Hotel Carlos V in Alghero.

Five moments with culture, art, music and “other nourishment” entrusted – respectively and according to the aforementioned framework – to the performances “Visions of Segundo: the dreamlike universe of the first imaginauta”, “Joe Perrino: Songs of Mala Vita III PerGraziaNonRicevuta”, “Satie nel Metrò” concert dedicated to the figure Erik Satie and “Rosa dei Venti Brass Ensemble”, both suggested in Sassari land and on the Riviera del Corallo.

Nourishment of the soul – it is written – and of the spirit, lymph for the felt, the emotions and the memory.

Concepts that take root, ideas that take shape and are expressed in different and valued forms of art, culture, music and “other nutrients”.

This is the sense that animatesLaborintus Musikforeninga lively and lively and varied soul in continuous expression and movement, focusing in the summer of 2022 on Alghero and Sassari to convey its message and give the audience artistic snapshots destined to last in heart and memory.

The Sassari events are organized by the Laborintus Music Association as part of the 11th edition of the annual review “A concept, an idea“(Infoline and reservations 3498024059) and included in the event calendar” Sassari Summer 2022 “.

It starts on Tuesday 28th of Juneat 21:30 to Sassari on piazza Monica Moretti with the musical show “Visioni di Segundo – The dreamlike universe of the first imaginauta”. An atmospheric cinema concert consisting of a screening of the silent short films from the beginning of the 20th century signed by the Catalan director Segundo de Chomón, accompanied by a soundtrack performed live by an ensemble of 5 musicians who, in addition to Marco Valentino – creator and curator of the show as well as voice, violin and keyboards – it also includes Marcello Peghin (guitars), Simone Sassu (keyboards and accordion), Paolo Zuddas (drums and percussion) and Lorenzo Sabbatini (bass).

We are not interested in revelations, but we want our concerts, shows and meetings to be important and full of normal events like a good meal or a walk out of town. We believe that it is not daily practice to leave the house to go to the theater or to any place where there is an artistic and cultural suggestion, but it may still be custom attached to a healthy society. At the same time, we know that in every show, concert, projection, dance or theater or music show, there is always at least one moment, often many moments, where the viewer’s consciousness is suddenly ignited in a different way than in everyday life. .

In those moments, the time you hold your breath accelerates or slows down and you may become agitated. And it is precisely these weekly moments that perhaps demonstrate that art, often regarded as volatile and useless, the art that cannot be eaten, is a vehicle of emotions, but also of ideas. And whoever witnesses these moments can be enriched by them. We have the obligation and responsibility to involve artists and spectators so that these sparks of wealth are ignited and emotions and ideas pass through.“.


Monica Moretti Square, Sassari: Visions of Segundo: the dreamlike universe of the first imaginauta
Musical show – 21.30
Single seat € 10 – Infoline and reservations 3498024059

Convent of San Francesco, Alghero: Satie in the subway
Concert – 21.00
Single seat euro 10 – Infoline 3516428081 and

Monica Moretti Square, Sassari: Joe Perrino Songs by Mala Vita III PerGraziaNonReceivuta
Musical show – 21.30
Single seat € 12 + sales rights: online ticket / Box Office Sardinia circuit point of sale – Infoline and reservations 3498024059

The farm of Palazzo Ducale, Sassari: Rosa dei Venti brass ensemble
Classical Music Concert – 20.00
Free and free admission subject to availability

Panoramic terrace Hotel Carlos V, Alghero: Rosa dei Venti brass ensemble
Classical Music Concert – 19.30
Single seat € 3 – Infoline and reservations 3498024059

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