The new project from the ADI Design Museum and Prosecco DOC: Exceptional Bottle for Compasso D’Oro

XXVII edition of the Compasso d'Oro Award
XXVII edition of the Compasso d’Oro Award

That Consortium for the protection of Prosecco DOCofficial partner and official sparkling wine from the ADI Design Museum in the light of the XXVII edition of Compasso d’Oro Awardhas created a special 18-liter bottle, Salomon format, intended to be displayed in the rooms of ADI Design Museum to celebrate a key moment for the ADI – Association for Industrial Design: the awarding of the Compasso d’Oro 2022 awards, a prestigious ceremony that takes place every two years after a careful selection of projects considered the excellence of Italian design at national and international level.

Given the significance of the event and the unusual size of the bottle, a special label was designed that was a result of the union between the graphic image of the consortium and the museum’s. The nine glasses are ideally represented in the logo Prosecco DOC in fact, they merge with the identity of ADI Design Museumharmonized in an innovative unit of shapes and colors.

The operation became official on June 20 just to coincide with the award ceremony Compasso d’Oro 2022will only strengthen the partnership between the famous Milanese Museum and a name synonymous with internationally recognized Italian craftsmanship such as Prosecco DOC: a prominent reality in the cultural world and food and wine excellence, together again in representing the value and great prestige of Made in Italy.


The faith community and the consortium

The Prosecco-controlled designation of origin was born in 2009 from the association of winemakers, winemakers and bottlers in 9 provinces between the Italian regions of Veneto (Treviso, Belluno, Padua, Venice and Vicenza) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine ) to inextricably link this wine to its area of ​​origin.

Prosecco therefore represents a territory characterized by precise environmental conditions, where a wine is produced according to specific rules that determine all steps in the supply chain: from the definition of the production area to labeling.

The Consorzio di Tutela therefore aims to guarantee the quality of the product and protect the consumer, but also to improve production through the promotion and protection of the “Prosecco” designation in Italy and in the world according to a specific development strategy and marketing that in recent years helped make Prosecco the most famous international sparkling wine.

Art and culture: one of the pillars of the consortium’s activity

The Prosecco DOC consortium has always supported the world of culture and art in many of its forms. Over the years, it has gradually increased its involvement in activities aimed at promoting cultural and artistic initiatives, with particular attention to visual arts, music and entertainment, and intensified its presence in the most diverse cultural sectors such as museums or the cinema world. . The consortium has thus created a network of connections and strong ties, through which it is able to strengthen the Italian genius that can be found in the great tangible and intangible heritage that the whole world recognizes in Bel Paese.

Production and export

627.5 million bottles of Prosecco DOC produced in 2021, of which almost 80% are sold abroad: The three main markets, which absorb approx. 2/3 of the export share is Great Britain, USA and Germany.

Prosecco DOC is produced in the types Spumante, Frizzante and Tranquillo. The spumante type is the most popular and depending on sugar residues, it is produced in the Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Dry and Demi-sec versions.

In 2020, the production of Prosecco Doc Rosé Millesimato also started, which in a very short time has gained wide recognition: of the total bottles put on the market in 2021, 71.5 million are rosé.

The territory

The term Prosecco DOC refers to the production area of ​​an extraordinary wine, the origin of which can be traced back to the small town near Trieste, which bears this name. Prosecco, which stretches over a total of 28,100 hectares of vineyards between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, is now experiencing a season of successes, such as. to condition the tourist flows of consumers who, when they first fall in love with the product, set out to discover the territory that originates from it.

A generous area from the point of view of culture and food and wine, but also of great beauty, where vineyards alternate with forests, meadows, villages and enchanting towns. From the Dolomites to the Venice Lagoon, pass through the villas of Palladio and pre-Romanesque places such as Aquileia. It is no coincidence that there are about ten sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, as if to emphasize the international call for this great region, which has always been a crossroads between peoples and cultures.

XXVII edition of the Compasso d’Oro Award

XXVII edition of the Compasso d’Oro Award

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