The minimum wage is not enough, more control is needed

During the demonstration, the precarious of the culture ‘Do you know me?’ they were welcomed to the Ministry of Labor: “We asked for more control,” they explained to

They took to the streets to ask for an end to the abuse and precariousness of the state: they are the insecure young people who work in the cultural sector of our country. In the afternoon cultural sector workers You know me? I am a professional in the field of cultural heritage presented itself under the Ministry of Labor together with trade unionists and trade unionists inUSB Basic Union. Below manifestationone of their delegations was received by one of the Deputy Chiefs of Staff of the Ministry, who, at a meeting lasting almost 20 minutes, listened to their requests.

“First we explained how do you work in the industry archeology and cultural heritage in general: it may seem absurd, but the ministry does not know many of the dynamics that characterize the sector – the staff of the delegation welcome to the ministry revealed to – ​​First of allmisuse of VAT numbers and also the proliferation of inadequate contracts. Then we asked for a meeting with the Minister: we need more protection. “

The priorities of cultural workers

After describing how we work in the cultural sector, the delegation made a request for greater protection to the Deputy Head. “We have been repeated, as we already knew, Minister Orlando is dealing with the issue minimum wage and we are absolutely in favor of establishing a minimum wage, however this insurance is not enough for us – they continued to explain And we can not even wait months and months to continue working the way we know. “

Minimum wage, agreement reached on the European Directive, M5S: “Historical agreement”

Among the alleged protections, there are several control by the labor inspectorate: “The case of Niccolò (Daviddi, the archaeologist who lost his job after reporting the work situation, ed.) Will give way to a dispute in which the fact that he worked as if he were employed is put on paper and in the place was forced to open a VAT number.But it worries many archaeologists: If the labor inspectorate did it, it should, i.e. the right checks, this would not happen. “

In addition, special attention must also be paid to contracts: “Many are not sufficient – the specified – It would also be necessary also check the offers: When won at the lowest price, they clearly lead to an erosion of workers’ rights, who are the first to suffer. And we need a minimum wage, it’s clear now. “

Request for meetings

The workers also explicitly asked for a joint meeting with Minister Orlando and Minister Franceschini: “We have been asking to meet him for years, but he never answered us – they explained – We also asked for a meeting with Niccolò’s company.”

After explaining their needs, the response from the leaders present in the ministry finally came: “The Deputy Chief of Staff assured that she will report our requests to the top, so we are sure receive news within the next few daysotherwise we will continue to ask for meetings with the ministry, if necessary also with new demonstrations – they repeated this with conviction – but being able to be welcomed in the ministry is a very positive step. “

Those present at the event

Archaeologists and museum operators, but also more generally cultural and entertainment workers and students were present to demonstrate under the ministry. These are the same ones who a few days ago interrupted the General Labor States to ask for a minimum wage and greater protection. These are the same colleagues and the same colleagues as Niccolò Daviddi, the archaeologist, who was fired after announcing to be paid 6 euros an hour.

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