The Dutch Rising Talents selected by Maison et Objet 2022

From 8 to 12 September Rising Talents Awards inde House & Object, the design, decoration and furniture fair held in Paris for 25 years. Following the focus on Japan, in the March 2022 issue, the focus is now shifting to Netherlands, with a selection of six talents presented by a female jury consisting of internationally renowned artists: Wieki Somers, Kiki Van Eijk, Hella Jongerius and Ineke Hans. A seventh name is added to the list of proposed artists, included in the Rising Talent Award Craft section, introduced in the latest edition.

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For Hanna Kooistra, born in 1995, a degree in product design from the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, nothing is completely new, and “everything already exists”. In fact, her approach to art goes through the reworking of objects from the past, which already have a story to tell, and which she redevelops to give them a new life and a new meaning. Two of his most famous works are emblematic in this sense, the Plakkenpot coffee pot, inspired by an original in silver exhibited at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the reworking of Knopstoel, the traditional Dutch chair, of which there are variants in all regions of the Netherlands. The basis of his work is the idea that the beauty and ornamental value of objects means more than their functionality.

atelier fig mo

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ATELIER FIG – Ruben Hoogvliet & Gijs Wouters

The paths of the two young artists crossed the corridors of the ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem, and there began their collaboration. In particular, they share a genuine passion for materials and the way some of them change over time. Based on an intuition of Hoogvliet and his experiments, the duo developed a technique for creating ceramics without the help of molds. Foam structures are repeatedly dipped in liquid clay and hung to dry before firing. This is the creative technique by which the candlesticks and porcelain bowls belonging to their “Gravity” collection were created.

theophile blanchet mo

Gert Jan Van Rooij


With two solo exhibitions to his credit, in Amsterdam and Berlin, and several exhibitions in London, Basel and Paris, Teophile Blandet continues to reap recognition for the originality of his works, which oscillate between functionality and abstraction and between fine craftsmanship and sculpture. The words that Hella Jongerius reserves for him are enthusiastic and praise “the freedom, ingenuity, beauty and detail of his objects”, as well as “the originality of his ideas and narratives and his ability to experiment.” The mixed was born in Strasbourg in 1993 and attended the Ecole Supérieur d’Art et de Design in Reims and later the Design Academy Eindhoven. His interest in the materials of the future led him to dedicate an entire collection to aluminum, the most abundant resource on the planet, which has the great advantage of being recyclable. His focus, however, was mainly on plastic. The mixture works with waste, which she recycles from factories and laboratories, and in her work she tries to improve this resource with a view to its impending disappearance. Plastic will become a rare material, just as ivory became so common in the 18th century.

yoon seokhyeon mo

Ronald Smits


Yoon Seok-Hyeon was born in South Korea and studied in Seoul before coming to Design Academy Eindhoven. His graduation project, “Ott / Another Paradigmatic Ceramic”, embodies his philosophy of responsibility to the environment. Every human work has an impact on the world we live in, and the artist’s work is no exception. Based on the fact that the glaze used for ceramics makes them non-recyclable, Seok-Hyeon proposes an alternative that has its roots in the tradition of its country of origin, where the resin from a tree has been used for 2000 years, called “ott”, to varnish the wood, applied to the ceramic, it dries easily, without the need for a passage at high temperatures, which contributes to further energy savings.

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VISSER & MEIJWAARD – Rising Talents Awards

With a background in the fashion world and a studio founded in Arnhem in 2013, Vera Meijwaard and Steven Visser are the most experienced artists among the new talents in this edition. Having started together as creators of a series of bags and accessories, their focus has shifted towards furniture products, with colorful PVC furniture, lamps and stools and even a chest. Objects designed for practical use are reproduced in a purely aesthetic key, with essential and sober lines that hide an absolutely non-minimalist work, which Ineke Hans is eager to point out. In their honor, they boast collaborations with brands such as Linteloo and Mooi Carpets, Pulpo and Hermès.

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SIMONE POST – Rising Talents Awards

Born in 1990, graduated with honors from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015, she already boasts prestigious collaborations with names such as Adidas, Vlisco and Kvadrat and the presence of her works at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York and at the Vitra Design Museum. Ineke Hans talks about her as a person with great strength, who we will hear about for a long time, in the years to come. Fabrics is her first great passion, instilled in her at a young age by her mother, who taught sewing classes at home. He prefers indeterminate and iridescent colors, and the rug produced for Kvadrat / Maharam is an example, the result of the interweaving of yarns consisting of five different colors.

TRUE WAY – Rising Talent Award Craft

Finally, Sanne Terweij is presented as a separate category, nominated by Ateliers d’Art de France and the Craft Council Nederland for the Rising Talent Award Craft. His craftsmanship is expressed in the creation of wall sculptures formed by hundreds of metal strips in graduated shades, processed individually. His works are characterized by an exploration of colors, which often goes through the study of the oxidative and corrosive properties of various metals, through the application of substances such as acids and salts.

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