Taliban and earthquakes, but there are no humanitarian corridors for second-rate Afghan refugees

Only 1,200 Afghans have entered the humanitarian corridors of Italy since the arrival of the Taliban, but they have remained blocked in Pakistan and Iran because the Interior Ministry does not provide the two countries with machines to take fingerprints. On June 22 alone, Italy received 1,611 Ukrainian refugees. And while the State Department denies humanitarian visas to Afghans, they disappear after the quake. Like Hassan and his little girl.

Benaltrism. This is the risk of being accused of benaltrism. But if a year after the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan and the shameful withdrawal of the West from the area ended, we have not yet activated the humanitarian corridors for the most fragile civilians, devastated by wars and attacks and bombs and famines, here is a comparison to be made with the unanimous welcome of Italy and Europe (and let it be clear: very right) with the Ukrainian refugees.

Not only is there a shortage of humanitarian corridors for which The Draghi government officially committed on November 4, but the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies humanitarian visas to Afghan citizens fled to countries where UN offices are lacking to turn to.

And the one who has not managed to escape and unfortunately has had another child in this last year can no longer escape. How Hassan of Herat.

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He also had a tool shop inside the area where the Italian military contingent TAAC-W based an operated Heratlike the young man Omid, who instead managed to escape (here the story told by Fanpage). “We will not abandon the Afghans,” Foreign Minister Luigi said In May on August 15, 2021, while Kabul it fell during the black invasion of the Taliban. But let’s go in order.

If a child was born to you during the Taliban, it is impossible to escape

Hassan has a wife who is educated in economics and commerce, he wears the burqa outside the home so as not to be recognized.

When the Italians left the base, he managed to get help from one of them to at least present the documents to the Italian embassy and leave the country. He has never received an answer since. Meanwhile, the second child was born this year, a joy but also a condemnation for the whole family.

Applying for a passport for the child means that you admit that you want to leave the country. That means he has to go through the third degree, and God knows what else from the Taliban. “In fact, it weighs on him to have ‘collaborated’ with Westerners, even just having sold cutlery and glasses is a mistake.

To talk to “we Westerners”, Hassan uses one cell phone that he hides in a secret place outside his home, so the Taliban, in their various controls and flash, find nothing at home. He picks up his cell phone, leaves town and calls, asking for help. There has been no news about him since the June 21 earthquake.

And it is difficult to tell his story, for it is not known whether it was written about a living or a dead person.

Humanitarian corridors stopped due to lack of machines to take fingerprints

In Italy, everything is ready for their arrival thanks to the secular and religious associations, but the Afghans have become blocked in Pakistan and Iran because the two host countries do not provide the appropriate fingerprinting machines and Italian law provides that this practice must necessarily take place there instead of in Italy.

Arci, Caritas, Sant’Egidio And Waldensian tableThe associations that paid out of pocket for the safety of 1,200 Afghan civilians, including planes, are asking the Italian government for a waiver to speed up departures, but to date nothing has changed.

Still, it would be up to Italy to supply the fingerprint instruments to Iran and Pakistan. On 4 November, the Italian Government signed a document obliging it to activate the humanitarian corridors with the help of the Ministry of Civil Liberties and Immigration, in which representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Maeci), the Italian Conference of Bishops, the Sant’Egidio Society, the Federation of Evangelical Churches, the Waldensian Table, the Italian Recreational and Cultural Association (ARCI), the National Institute for the Promotion of the Migrant Population and the Fight against Poverty (INMP), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) andUN High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr).

A remarkable list of world institutions, stopped by a few machines that cost no more than 3,000 euros each.

The different reception of Ukrainian citizens and Afghan citizens

To date, official data from the Interior Ministry have arrived in Italy 63,104 refugees from Ukraine, including 32,361 women, 5,592 men and 25,151 minors.

Just the day before yesterday, June 22, 1,611 Ukrainian citizens arrived. More than 1,200 Afghan citizens, more than three quarters of them women and children, who have been waiting to find a welcome in Italy for over a year and try to recover from a ruined life.

The rules of good writing would require you to extend the paragraph and bring it in line with the previous ones, but the unwritten rules of human dignity require the opposite. Any comment is superfluous.

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