Summer (alla) romana: when citizens cry against culture and entertainment

Every year with the first heat, even the district committees and the individual disorganized citizens begin to get excited again, because – if regulators and municipal offices allow it – the events of the long and eventful Roman summer begin. Outdoor arenas, live shows, food and wine festivals, concerts, theatrical comedies. And all this irritates many Romans.

It’s so annoying that in some cases, when they complain with the right methods (and the right people), they manage to move entire events. It happened in Talenti, III municipality, where seven residents accused the organization of CineVillage of having worked illegally for a month. Eventually, the National Association dealing with cinema, the cottage and the puppets, and to avoid further consequences, found hospitality elsewhere, in Monteverde, in the XII town hall. It was clearly unbearable to have heard the films shown for two months in the background in 2021, after a year of closures and curfews due to Covid-19. Still, the apartments around the arena are in some cases of fairly newer construction, so much so that one can imagine that they have soundproof windows.

In order to remain within the boundaries of III, the residents of Città Giardino have again this year felt obliged to fight against the food and wine events taking place inside the Aniene nature reserve. Crosses for once because the administrative competence is of IV, but when it is necessary to defend nature, there are no boundaries. The same citizens who are asking for more security, less noise, fewer tables and fewer cars in a double row between Piazza Sempione and Viale Gottardo – and are horrified at the thought of a pedestrian crossing – cannot bear the thought that for three days there will be be people inside a green area drinking beer and listening to some music. To this end, they took pen and paper and wrote to the region, to RomaNatura – the reserve’s administrative body – and to the chairman of the IV municipality, asking to know the reasons for the permission given to the events, both the one from 10 to 12 June dedicated to beer , and the one from June 24 to 26 dedicated to wine. There are restrictions, there are hedgehogs and partridges, inside the reserve you can do nothing but go and lie down with a towel to sunbathe. But for the barbecues on April 25, one can not hear a breath.

In the town hall, some residents rejoiced, who, their goodness, overlook the park Villa Massimo, a stone’s throw from Piazza Bologna and no longer have to suffer under the annoying presence of the theater organized by the actor Michele La Ginestra. The offices and then the bureaucracy have put a hand in the hand, but who knows if no one has complained. And so this year the villa will remain pretty empty, with its unauthorized artifacts from the former Casina dei Pini still there in plain sight, its driveway closed because it has not yet been secured. The theater will be built in the Botanical Garden, in another town hall.

And then explain where culture and healthy entertainment should be made in this city. Not under the house, not in the pedestrian streets, not in the parks and villas. And if we start the controversy when something is done in areas of historical, archaeological and landscape interest, the range of possibilities will be further narrowed. At this point, the “ravers” from Valentano did well a year ago: all in a privately owned clearing in the middle of nowhere, speakers, and it continues for 6 days before anyone discovers it and blows the scandal into the air. Or it all on the beach, in Ostia or Fregene, to a cinema with your feet in the water or a beer party on the pier. Provided caution, some passers-by do not call 112 and confuse a university party with a “rave party”.

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