So Fest – Ostuni 21.-26. June 2022: clarification by the Director of the Department of Culture – REGIONAL PRESS

“The resources that will ultimately be disbursed to the Allora Fest Association – in the light of regular reporting of the actual incurred and invoiced costs – in no way come from funds intended for COVID refreshments and will not affect the coverage of the other regional film festivals currently included in the Apulia Cinefestival Network “.
This is stated by the director of the Department of Culture, Aldo Patruno.

“Referring to the news reported by some press, according to which the International Film Festival Then Fest, currently taking place in Ostuni, would have been co-financed by the Puglia region with funds earmarked for COVID refreshment sites, the following is specified:
In recent months, the Puglia region has received the proposal from local and international private operators – formed in the association called Allora Fest – to bring to life a major international film festival to be held in Valle d’Itria to accompany the relaunch and restart of one of the most important tourist areas and with Puglia’s greatest international calling and appeal.
To this end, the association presented a program of the highest quality with the presence of some of the most famous and important stars in the world cinema, a wide range of masterclasses of the stars themselves, site-specific art installations, a budget already 80% funded by sponsors and private investors. The Puglia region was asked to support the initiative through specialist support from its competent participating bodies as well as a financial contribution in the form of co-financing to cover any deficit.
The Puglia region decided, after assessing the prestige and relevance of the initiative and the possibility of relaunching the territory of Brindisi province and in particular Ostuni (Commissioner for the Mafia Infiltration Risk at the end of 2021), to accept the proposal, activate its own participating bodies to contribute to the best outcome of the event, in addition planned for a period (21-26 June) that is functional in relation to the strategy of seasonal adaptation and re-internationalization of the regional tourist-cultural offer.
By Decision No 834 of 6 June 2022, the Regional Council has updated and implemented for the year 2022 the extraordinary plan “Let’s preserve the culture of Puglia 2020-2022”, through which, from 2020 and for the entire pandemic period (including the current year), all cultural activities to be carried out in the regional area. As part of the aforementioned extraordinary plan, various implementation targets (with the associated financial coverage) are envisaged, partly intended to provide emergency assistance to SMEs in the Culture and Creativity Section, currently paid by Pugliapromento for a total amount of € 5 million. based on structural and state resources bound in the context of the public order “Guardiamo la Cultura 2.0” (Implementation Objective OR.1.a referred to in the aforementioned DGR No. 833/2022); on the other hand, the resources of the extraordinary plan – derived exclusively from the Autonomous Regional Budget 2022 – are intended for the programming of cultural, artistic and live entertainment activities, always functioning to restart the regional system weakened by the pandemic, including: grants; to local operators of live entertainment recipients from the state of FUS (2.8 million euros referred to in OR.1.d managed by the tourism and culture department), support for public engagement, development and research in the culture and entertainment sectors (1.25 million euros as referred to in OR.2.a administered by the Pugliese Public Theater), organization of national and international exhibitions and events (800 thousand euros mentioned in OR.2.a.1 administered by the department and TPP), improvement and promotion of UNESCO sites (300,000 euros mentioned in OR.2 and to be allocated to the municipalities of Alberobello, Andria and Monte Sant’Angelo), improvement and promotion of historical carnivals (400,000 euro referred to in OR .2.f to be allocated to the municipalities of Gallipoli, Manfredonia, Massafra, Putignano), and finally the refinancing of the Apulia Cinefestival Network for 2022, with an initial installment of 350 thousand euros (OR.2.c) allocated Apulia Film Commission.
5. As part of this final implementation objective and the associated financial allocation – deriving from the autonomous regional budget and in particular from the Special Culture Fund under Art. 15 LR No. 40/2016 – The Puglia Film Commission has been authorized to secure support for the Allora Fest Association to cover any deficits related to the set-ups in the cities of Ostuni, Brindisi and Mesagne and to the Air Ticket Office. Following the aforementioned resolution, the Apulia Film Commission – on 8 June 2022 – continued to sign a special agreement with the Allora Fest Association, regulating the terms and methods of support – including financial support amounting to 150 thousand. euros, net of airfare – for the organization of the festival.
In the light of the above, it should therefore be noted that the resources that will ultimately be paid out to the Allora Festforeningen – in the light of regular reporting of the actual incurred and invoiced costs – do not in any way originate from resources that have been determined. for COVID and non-COVID refreshes. will affect the coverage of the other regional film festivals currently included in the Apulia Cinefestival Network provided by the Puglia region and the Apulia Film Commission – as in previous years – through a specific and separate provision currently issued, which part of the implementation of the extraordinary plan “Let’s preserve the culture of Puglia 2020-2022 – OR.2.c.”.

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