Nardò adheres to “2 Million Km” to make many children who need it smile

NARDO ‘(Lecce) – Nardò complies “2 million km “a sporting event aimed at fundraising, a non-competitive challenge where everyone can participate in cycling, each at their own pace: individuals, families, athletes, groups, municipalities. The goal is to reach a total of two million km together, but above all to collect donations to support Dynamo Camp recreational therapy, which gives a smile to many special children who every day face the great challenge of fighting serious or chronic diseases. So they can go back to being “simply children”. Nardò joins the “Blue Flag” municipality.

Information about the event is available at On the link dedicated to Nardò municipality, each participant from Nereto can subscribe by selecting the participation method (individual, company, group or Municipality in the Blue Flag) and setting the fundraising- the goal. You can donate directly and invite friends to support the campaign while contributing to the achievement of two million km (by recording the performance on the Strava app or by manually uploading the km traveled).

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We all want to travel miles together and contribute to the wonderful cause of “2 million km” – says the councilor for Mobility Sara D’Ostunibecause every trip is good and every donation helps to give a piece of happiness to the many sick children who need support. The summer, the bike paths, our area, which is particularly bike-friendly, are all factors that pressure us to get on the saddle and make our contribution. Also because, we remind you that we want to be part of the network of cycling municipalities, the recognition of the policies on sustainable mobility that the municipal administration has introduced in recent years. “

Dynamo Camp Onlus was founded in 2007 and offers free recreational therapy programs with specific assistance for children with serious or chronic illnesses, but also for healthy parents, brothers and sisters. Every year, in Italy, over ten thousand minors are diagnosed with serious or chronic pathologies, which risk losing the serenity and light-heartedness of childhood, involving the whole family. In fact, sick children and adolescents are exposed to invasive or long-term therapies, often with intense periods of hospitalization, whose fear and fatigue dictated by the treatments come from the lack of normal socialization with peers. With the awareness that the course of treatment is complex and that not everyone heals, but that everyone has the right to happiness, the mission of Dynamo Camp Onlus is to offer sick children the opportunity to “just be children” and improve the quality of life for their families. Dynamo Camp pursues the mission of guaranteeing the right to happiness in accordance with the concept of quality of life approved by the World Health Organization and offers “Dynamo Recreational Therapy” programs performed with the assistance of qualified staff.

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Sunday, June 26th it is now possible to increase km by Bike ride in Neretum, the bike ride in the historic center organized by Skozzicakuezzi MTB and Alessandra De Benedittis (Sport Team Leader Decathlon Italia). Adults and children who ride bicycles will be able to discover the history and ancient beauty of the city thanks to the help of a guide. The meeting is at 8:30 via XX Settembre, return to Piazza Salandra around kl. 12. There participation is freereservations are required on the telephone number 0832 1592295. Another preparatory event for the city of Nardò to join the network of Cycling Municipalities of the FIAB (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle), which calls on Italian municipalities to adopt policies in favor of mobility cycling and which rewards the commitment of those who have already implemented bicycle-friendly initiatives that strengthen the most welcoming places for those who travel by bicycle.

“Everyone in the saddle on Sunday – says the chairman of the city council and delegated to the sport Antonio Tondoto contribute to the fair cause of “2 million km” and again be fascinated by the beauty of our historic center. The confirmation that the bike is usable, it is good and in this case it is an effective tool to give a smile to the needy, that is, all children and their families who receive Dynamo Camp recreation therapy ”.

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