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from Manuel Colosio

Many construction sites, the bridge over Oglio postponed to another phase

The race to create cultural cycle route that will unite Brescia to Bergamo. With the announcement of the completion of the technical-economic feasibility project, the appropriate cycle is ready to be assembled to complete the contractor by October and carry out the work in its first phase, so that in April 2023, the area offers not only a simple bike path, but a true cultural experience that crosses 34 historic centers allows to visit further 800 historical and cultural valuesin addition, of course, to the two Unesco sites located in the capitals.

The main route will be 76 km long, therefore, it will not be the shortest to combine the two destinations because it was decided to promote the cultural aspect. It could not have been different, given that the work that the 2 provincial municipalities have insisted on most from an infrastructural point of view to make a mark as cultural capitals in 2023. In our project, the cycle path should not only serve to see the places , but to be a vector for creating culture and preserving the territory, its historical and cultural heritage – he explains Christian Novak from Poliedra, the consortium of Polytechnic in Milan who the feasibility project was entrusted with. 28 the affected municipalities, as well as 3 regional and 3 supra-municipal parks that are merged, with the already present railway stations and other cycle paths illustrate Mariasilvia Agresta of Poliedra which explains how the main route in the final project will be flanked by another 79 km consisting of culture rings rotating around the main axis, 24 km connections and a further 16 km where the route will be divided, bringing the total of this first phase . at 195 km, while there will be 10 km in the future. We should not expect a completely new plant, but a plant that combines already laid out cycle paths with new connections and implementations: The real cycle paths in their own place will only increase by 2.4 km compared to now, to which we will have to add just under 17 km. between new lanes or tracks on existing roads and 4.5 km of rebuilding of mixed country routes.

One choice is to improve the existing – Novak insists and explains how – Brescia itself already has an advanced presence of cycle paths, which above all must be connected, while the Bergamo part needs more important work from a point of view. point of view. Art installations will accompany the journey, enhanced by 4 panoramic points, one of these in Franciacorta, from where you can admire the landscape. In this first phase, 23 cultural sites or works of art are proposed within the routes. Quantity chosen symbolically as a reminder of the year of the Capital of Culture: installations inside the vineyards are envisaged, but also works of art in the urban area, such as 3 km proposed along the Volturno cycle path in the city. The more demanding works, such as the suggestive bridge over the Oglio River, will instead be postponed to another phase.

In conclusion, although it is a decisive factor, cost and financing: the total estimated bill exceeds 15 million euros, although in the first phase about 6 million will be sufficient and will be covered entirely by a loan from the region of Lombardy. To these must be added 3 to perform the cultural sites, evenly distributed between the two provinces. The support from Rome through the Ministry of Tourism has also come, but has not yet been quantified, which is believed and will hopefully cover a large part of the remaining costs. The water bottles are therefore being filled up, the legs are not lacking, the will is not even, the race on the cultural cycle path can therefore be resumed.

24 June 2022 (change 24 June 2022 | 10:11)

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