Fedic Scuola Film Festival: Palmese Fausto Alongi awarded in Montecatini

PALMI – Short films have always been the training ground for young aspiring people who dream of starting a film career. Among these many candidates we can certainly mention the 18-year-old Fausto Alongi, engaged in the scientific matriculation exams at the Nicola Pizzi Institute in Palmi, which today was awarded in Montecatini Terme for the short film “Margot”, on the occasion of the 72nd edition of Italia Film Fedic (June 22-26) – Italian Cineclub Federation. Fedic, one of the nine associations of film culture recognized by the Ministry of Artistic and Cultural Heritage, has resumed organizing from 2020 and inherits an event organized by it for the first time in 1050 in the charming Tuscan spa town.

The 2022 edition, which closes on Sunday 26 June, will be dedicated to the centenary of his birth to Pier Paolo Pasolini, an unpleasant intellectual, poet, director, one of the most important exponents of the Italian twentieth century, with a exhibition dedicated to his artistic career. The event’s godmother Sarah Maestri, actress and radio host, author of the novel “The paper flower girl”.

The short film by the Palmsian artist Fausto Alongi tells the story of Mario, who is unable to be happy with his life, and understands that only Margot can interrupt the sad routine that has suffocated him for some time. His friend Rocco is willing to take every step to make Mario finally happy, and only thanks to Michele’s advice can he succeed, but he has ideas that are completely distant from Mario’s philosophy of life.

Fausto Alongi has already recently achieved important awards by winning the national award “Primo Ciak” in 2019 with the short film “1440”, in 2021 the Giuseppe Logoteta scholarship with the short film “Voce”. Some scenes from the short film “Vita Vera” were shown during the International Film Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in the year 2021.

The prestigious festival in the charming spa town led by President Fedic Lorenzo Caravello and the artistic directors Gianluca Castellini and Paolo Micalizzi, is divided into two competitive sections: “Fedic Scuola”, for which works by Fedic writers, created after January 1, are recorded in 2020 and with a maximum duration of no more than 20 ‘, with film-video projects involving schools of all levels and “Fedic Short”, where all short films, maximum duration 20’, also produced after January 1, 2020 by Fedic- authors.

The “Fedic Scuola” jury is led by actress Sarah Maestri, a category in which the young artist from Palmese Fausto Alongi will be rewarded with the short film “Margot”, who has made use of the collaboration with her classmates Alberto Perelli, Nicola Impiombato, Savina Gaudio, Gabriele Gagliostro and Michele Miceli, who edited the original soundtrack. The “Fedic Short” jury, led by film critic and university professor Valerio Caprara, is also composed of film critics Alberto Farina (Rai Movie) and Roberto Lasagna (director of the “Falsopiano” film series and the Adelio Ferrero Critics Award of Alessandria).

On this third day of programming, at the Imperial Cinema in Montecatini Terme, at 18.00, is currently dedicated to “Fedic Scuola”, with screening and awarding of the winning short films from the competition dedicated to schools, such as “Margot” “, created by the young and dynamic Fausto Alongi.The absolute winners of both competitions will be awarded to Italia Film Fedic artistic trophy, and special mentions may also be awarded.Two Aironi Fedic will also be attributed to the career: the first for the actor Ivano Marescotti, the second for the career will be given to the director Franco Piavoli.

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