Vigilante robbed by Oak, the seventh bandit in jail

“Last security” operation – It is a young man from Viterbo who had been in prison for a week in Mammagialla – The first arrested was a 52-year-old electrician

by Silvana Cortignani

Robbery - One of the cars stolen for the theft

Robbery – One of the cars stolen for the theft

Viterbo – Vigilantes kidnapped on July 12 in La Quercia by a pair of armed thugs, the seventh member of the gang also captured. He is from Viterbo, who has been detained since last week in Mammagialla prison.

The first to end up in handcuffs last summer was a 50-year-old electrician. The others, who ended up in jail on March 22, were arrested as part of the “Last Security” operation, which in recent days ended with the arrest of the last member of the criminal group. All 43 thousand euros of the booty were recovered.

The last alleged accomplice was reached last week by police officers from the mobile team at Viterbo police headquarters, coordinated by leader Alessandro Tundo, who continued to execute a precautionary order in jail against a young Viterbo for robbery pluriaggravata, receipt of stolen goods and confiscation of stolen goods a public place of an ordinary firearm.

According to the indictment, he allegedly participated, along with the other 6 accomplices already on trial, in the robbery that took place in the capital on July 12, 2021, to a security guard, from whom the service weapon and a bag containing over 43,000 euros, the result of the collection shortly before withdrawn from some commercial enterprises.

Robbery - One of the cars stolen for the theft

Vigilante robbed by Egen – One of the cars stolen for the theft

The security guard was intercepted by two robbers with their faces covered, who would have aimed a gun at his head and had the cash handed over, in front of a villa in La Quercia. Citizens would have been confused with the alarm from a villa, set in motion by the criminals to approach him and rob him.

The couple then fled, seeking refuge in the Ponte Di Cetti, hiding the stolen goods in the cabin of a 52-year-old electrician in the residential area of ​​Cassia Sud, and being noticed by a witness as they exchanged license plates on a red Fiat 500X parked in Street.

Two other cars were found nearby, a total of three, which were stolen: in addition to the red 500 a black BMW and a gray Golf. Inside the cottage, considered the band’s “cave”, in addition to the money, stolen number plates, fake documents, giant screens and table football were seized.

The alarm went off on the spot, the police hurried, but the two suspects had already disappeared. However, large sums of money and other items, including plaques, were found in the electrician’s house, so the fifty-year-old craftsman was subjected to precautions.

The latest accomplice, for a total of seven bandits, has, as mentioned, been imprisoned since last week in the Viterbo prison. The circle around the criminal group that committed the violent robbery last summer is thus finally closed.

Silvana Cortignani

Robbery - One of the cars stolen for the theft

Robbery – One of the cars stolen for the theft

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Presumption of innocence

In the Italian penal system, the presumption of innocence is valid until the last sentence. Presumption of innocence based on Article 27 of the Italian Constitution, according to which a person “is not considered guilty before the last sentence”.

June 23, 2022

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