Troncarelli, transport of the Santa Rosa car: “Constant dialogue with Sodality and a fantastic party in September”

Ballot paper – Viterbo – The mayoral candidate: “September 3 will be a reason for relaunch for the whole city”

by Daniele Camilli

Viterbo – “A big party to revive the city. Constant dialogue with the Porters’ Association and the improvement of the Santa Rosa Car Transport Museum. On September 3, it starts again from here. The first step to make the soul and deepest spirit of the Viterbo people known to the whole city and to the tourists who come to Viterbo ”. Mayoral candidate Alessandra Troncarelli yesterday morning on the sidelines of press conference convened at the committee’s headquarters in Riello. Next Sunday, the ballot paper with Chiara Frontini, who will decide the first mayor in Viterbo’s history.

The program for the Santa Rosa party, the most important appointment of the Viterbo calendar recognized in 2013, along with other shoulder machines, UNESCO’s intangible heritage.

Viterbo - Alessandra Troncarelli

Viterbo – Alessandra Troncarelli

“The delegation to transport the Santa Rosa car will remain with the mayor,” explains Troncarelli. we with an ad hoc delegation will be able to link this tradition to events and initiatives that need to be encouraged throughout the year. “

“We will start immediately with a 2022 revival edition for the city – continues the mayoral candidate – we will bring this event back to the city center, and make this tradition known also in national and international contexts. We will constantly have a dialogue with the porters’ Sodality, with President Massimo Mecarini and the main porter Sandro Rossi, because together with the citizens they are the real protagonists of the party Santa Rosa. A basic point of departure for the administration. ties with Santa Rosa “.

Transportation of the car from Santa Rosa 2018 - Gloria

Transportation of the Santa Rosa car

“Finally, we will work – concludes Troncarelli – to create a longer route, which may also be of interest via Marconi, and thus give more people the opportunity to participate in the Transport. An extra sprint to return to the square and participate in the city life and history ”.

Daniele Camilli

June 23, 2022

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