To the Franco Mussida Art and Culture Prize Villa Sormani in Missaglia

To the Franco Mussida Art and Culture Prize Villa Sormani in Missaglia
Among the winners Franco Mussida. © Giuseppe Verrini

Franco Mussida will also receive the Villa Sormani Art & Culture Award in the historic villa that became a feudal residence in 1648. Through various dynasties we arrive today with Count Alberto Uva Parea, who since 2018 has established an award for the recognition of personalities in the world of art, science, medicine, culture, journalism and business, which give prestige to Italy in the world.

This year, Saturday 25 June starting at 5 pm, the winners will arrive at the Villa, including the name of Franco Mussida, guitarist and singer, former founder of Premiata Forneria Marconi, which in the seventies established itself as the most important Italian pop group with expansive sights abroad. In fact, for a time PFM was successful first in England and then in America, thanks to a staff of the most prepared. It is no coincidence that many records by songwriters, De André above all, used their abilities to create entire albums. For his part, Franco Mussida founded the CPM Music Institute in Milan in 1984, a training model in our country, recognized by MIUR. It is here that real musical talents grew and received lessons from teachers of absolute importance who have developed an artistic career by participating in records and touring with the greatest. Mussida has also devised and implemented projects where Music operates in a humanistic key. Among these “CO2”, a job in twelve Italian prisons awarded the medal for the presidency of the republic. Since 2012, he has conducted his 30-year research into the effects of music on the emotional structure and oriented them towards art and non-fiction. In this regard, he has written five essays, including “Il Pianeta della Musica” (Salani Editore, 2019) and “L’oro del Suono” (Nomos, 2021). According to this perspective, he designs and realizes experiential exhibitions, temporary and permanent installations in prestigious museums in our country, including the Milan Triennial and the Dabbasso Fortress in Florence.

The other winners are Pierluigi Paracchi and Sabrina Zuccalà for the Business / Scientific Research sector. This year, the exhibition of Aurelio Luini’s work “Madonna of the Roses on the Throne” is of great importance. At the center of the Renaissance-style composition is the Madonna on the throne with the child, who offers a mysterious rose to the believers. On the left, Saint Michael is depicted weighing souls, while Saint Bruno of Cologne on the right. Last year, it was the turn of a painting by Rubens that confirms the strong artistic and cultural interest in the activities of the Villa, developed throughout the year with various initiatives including concerts, exhibitions, conferences and book presentations.

To animate the evening there will be Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, actor, playwright and theater director offering two short readings from “The Karamazov Brothers” and from Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”.

On the musical front, we will listen to violinist Alessandra Sonia Romano, former violinist and soloist of the RAI Orchestra in Milan. Since 2016, she has had the role of ambassador for the Shoah’s violin, an instrument of extraordinary historical significance, as it belonged to a young violinist deported to the Birkenau concentration camp.

The first edition of the award in 2018 saw the director Pupi Avati as the main character, the following year it was Pinin Brambilla Barcilon’s turn, restaurateur known all over the world. In 2020, the artist Pasquale Galbusera, in addition to the professors of San Raffaele Giancarlo Comi and Alberto Zangrillo, specialized in the realization of the liturgical furniture in churches and basilicas. Among the 2021 winners, one in memory of the recently deceased Amedeo Maffei, a scientist, inventor of methods and structures for motivation and self-realization. Maffei, a big fan of Shadows, was a guitarist in the group Le Anime and in the sixties he collaborated with Ombretta Colli and Franco Battiato.

Villa Sormani in Missaglia

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