There was once an ice machine. The time machine

There is only one thing children like more than ice cream. And it’s good ice cream.

But apparently to remind tomorrow’s adults that life is not just roses and flowers, at one point in the eighties, the machine came to make ice cream at home. Yes, we said homeeven the most malicious will have read random.

We do not even ask ourselves whether the object we will briefly discuss today has a more precise technical name. Machine for making ice cream at home reproduces very well the complexity of the interior, its function and the modesty of its results.

Ice cream and the eighties

Ice, like the bicycle, is a timeless myth that spans generations and social classes. Culinary enjoyment for all budgets, it combines the pleasure of eating while walking (or in cozy places) with co-responsibility, which is expressed in the basic moment of choice of taste. In addition to the possibility of cone cup (this at least before the birth of pods and other modern perversities).

But if ice cream meets the slightly kitschy hedonism of the 1980s, the omelette is done. In fact, some companies decide that unfortunately it is a regrettable gesture to go out and enjoy the great classic cream and chocolate or more virtuoso elaborations.

Already mesmerized by the TV, young and old can easily satisfy the urge for ice cream in their own home without having to throw themselves into the street to create disorder.

And then the machine for making ice cream at home shows up.

Recipe for violet ice cream

The machine for making ice cream at home

Okay, no Luddite attitudes. Appliances make life more comfortable, and just as no one despises the refrigerator or washing machine today, what harm would good ice cream makers do at home?

No one, if they in a quick and agile way had made excellent ice cream with the most varied flavors, to be licked by greedy joy.

Unfortunately, he who is over forty today knows where the truth lies.

The physical boundaries

The machine for making ice cream at home had the agile design of a piece of furniture conceived in the GDR in the 1950s.

It consumed like a nuclear power plant, and the noise emitted during the processing of the product caused tinnitus and split personality.

Then the days were over where the child with his nose against the window in an ice cream shop could make his mouth water by meditating for minutes on which flavors to choose. With the invaluable addition, perhaps, of a few curls of whipped cream.

With the home ice machine, the reproducible taste was one at a time. But not only: each process, which lasted no less than the one that would have allowed them to obtain the license and open an ice cream shop, resulted in a dozen kilos of ice cream. And so the family was forced to eat carbohydrates for the next two weeks and to ingest another myth from those years: Citrosodina.

While in terms of taste, after all, there was no need to worry: no matter what you chose, you always had the vague hint of Fabriano paper.

The social boundaries

But the real reason for introducing the machine to make ice cream at home was, as you know, getting used to each member of the family to manage on their own.

This is because, during the long process of preparing the coveted dessert, the sum of the apparatus prevented any kind of conversation between the poor fellow-dwellers.

However, this close series of outbursts against the family’s serenity was resisted, only to be able to communicate to the ignorant neighbors that they possessed nothing less than a machine for making ice cream at home.

Sadism reached its peak when the aforementioned neighbors were invited to get ice cream. The insurmountable socio-economic gap between the two families was thus confirmed.


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The machine for making ice cream at home, seriously

We played a bit with the machines to make ice cream at home. Which still exists today, and seems to have reached good quality levels.

Nothing against them, nor against the sacred desire to make one of the most delicious and beloved sweets there is.

The fact is, appliances usually have the dual benefit of saving time and money. While the special thing about the ice machine, what makes it perversely mythical, is that it does not make money on one side or the other.

Perhaps it was, in fact, one of the declensions of 1980s superficial narcissism, in which it was claimed that everything was within reach.

But if you think better of it, today, when we are sure to organize our vacations in space, we do not have much to be ironic about.

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