The new modern sofas seen at Milano Design Week

Reconfigure the living space to your liking with solutions that respond to the new needs of life and the planet. THAT sofas presented at Salone del Mobile 2022 they create a homely landscape dedicated to well-being that includes ethics and respect for the environment. In fact, shapes and functions are forged in accordance with sustainable production, which manages to achieve a timeless aesthetic thanks to increasingly innovative processes. Structures and upholstery adapt to the times and are reused and reused, each piece is designed in a circular economy circuit. Therefore, it can be easily disassembled into each part, preferring second-life materials that are capable of establishing new perceptual and qualitative parameters. And also that reissues of historical pieces they go in this direction, adapted to today’s production criteria. Comfort, certainly more informal, it is not the least bit compromised. The pillows become intelligent, perfected in their softness to raise the standards of comfort and hospitality. Free to move up different and multiplier modular workouts.

Edra – Standalto

Courtesy Photo Edra

The basic element of the Standalto sofa, designed by Francesco Binfaré for Edra it is the ‘smart pillow’. Thanks to an internal hinge system, the backrest and armrests lose all rigidity and can be molded as desired with a simple and light touch; all while sitting comfortably and adapting to the needs of the present. The comfort is enhanced by an extraordinary softness of the pillows thanks to the padding formed by a mixture of feathers and Gellyfoam, along with the width of the backrests and seats. And it is precisely the diversity of shapes and depths of the seats that makes it possible to create different compositions: linear, pure angle, open angle or free plane. The ideal fabric has also been researched and developed: soft, delicate to the touch and at the same time full-bodied and resistant.

Magis – Riace

modern design sofa

Courtesy Photo Magis

With the Riace brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec pay homage to the famous Bronzes and design a sofa with sculptural and meandering shapes for Magis, with contrasting lines and volumes. A dynamic rigor defined by a sleek structure in white bronze that, as if sprung, retains a large upholstered seat and backrest. Bold and versatile, the Riace easily fits into both residential and contract environments with fabric covers that change according to the decor.

Turri – Azul

modern design sofa

Courtesy Photo Turri

The Azul sofa belongs to the capsule collection designed by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio and presented during Salone del Mobile 2022. The designer reworks the tradition of the Turri brand, working with proportions and dimensions, experimenting with materials and finishes. The main character is lapis lazuli blue, intense and refined, a recurring element in the entire collection made with impeccable quality thanks to the company’s craftsmanship. The Azul sofa has a traditional shape and shows a macro weave in blue velvet, made exclusively by hand, which evokes the function of fashion. The visual effect is an orthogonal and orderly texture that reveals all its softness to those who enjoy it.

Tacchini – The Walls

modern design sofa

TO + Opera visual

Tacchini brings back the Le Mura modular sofa designed by Mario Bellini in 1972, not only by re-editing it, but by revisiting it with the designer in a sustainable perspective (also in the opening image). A timeless product, inspired by old walls, whose stylistic code is now enhanced by new materials and coatings. By keeping the original aesthetics intact, the company has actually adapted designs to today’s manufacturing technology using the latest generation of production techniques. With an intervention aimed at the use of performance and modern materials, which has improved the comfort of the seat, making it particularly inviting. Ready to adapt to different spaces and environments, even small ones.

Moroso – Anorak

modern design sofa

Alessandro Paderni

In Anorak, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, it is the durability that defines a new way of living and thinking about the upholstered seat. For this modular system, the upholstery is intended as a dress and the sofa itself as a body to be dressed. The intuition comes from a model of a padded jacket with a hood characterized by the presence of only the opening to the head,annoraaq of the Inuit in West Greenland. Undressed, Anorak reveals its components, which can be disassembled into each part, are not attached to the structure, but are arranged so that they can be easily removed and disassembled to follow their own life cycle. The materials come 100% from industrial recycling, and the fabrics – nylon, jersey and polyester chenille – surprise for their aesthetic strength, softness in the hand and vivid colors, which shows how the experience of a recycled yarn can now be compared to the experience of a recycled yarn. fiber naturally.

Cassina – Esosoft

modern design sofa

Valentina Sommariva

In his first collaboration with Cassina, Antonio Citterio creates Esosoft, an upholstery system consisting of an aluminum exoskeleton that supports an organic shell that holds the cushions inside. Eight modules to be lived as single sofas or combined for corner compositions, with strong flexibility. The shape is reminiscent of the 1960s and has been achieved with modern production techniques thanks to the work of Cassina LAB, which implemented circular materials such as polyurethane for foaming, with a percentage of polyols derived from biological sources, and recycled PET cotton for pillows and cushions. “It’s the first step on a path that will lead us to a total circularity of the products used in the furniture sector,” says architect and designer Antonio Citterio.

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