The best ice lolly molds

Best popsicle molds: How to choose them, silicone, versatile, inexpensive, metal, plastic, BPA-free, toddlers and toddlers

Popsicle shape

In the summer, you can pamper yourself in the kitchen with quick and practical, fresh and tasty dishes, without having to spend hours in the kitchen (and luckily!). But how do you replace the cakes and biscuits that are prepared in winter for snacks? With icicles! Here is a handy guide to buying ice lolly molds for all needs.

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To make homemade ice cream sticks

Popsicles are a real wonder drug in the summer, and those prepared at home, free of dyes, preservatives and excess sugar, are even more so. They are ideal as a snack for children because they moisturize, tone, have a low calorie content and are also good for the mood. The little ones in the family, just like the adults, love them: without a doubt, arm yourself with ice lolly molds and start preparing them!

On the web you will find many recipes to make them, they are easy and quick to make, and you can also involve the kids. You only need them fruit (or juice / juice eg lemon or orange), water and a little sugar. But also the choice of molds for icicles it is important: these are metal or plastic containers of different shapes, which are filled with the obtained recipe and placed in the freezer.

Popsicle molds – the most versatile

You have small children inn home, which takes a long time to eat the ice lolly? This Zoku plus put in silicone it is ideal for making small ice sticks, which must be consumed in a short time. It can also be used for other preparations, such as chocolate. Perfect when you need guests for dinner and want to offer something dessert fresh.

Pro of the product: allows you to make nine ice lollies, fills a little in the freezer and is convenient to use, but also easy to wash

Disadvantages of the product: Popsicles are really very small, so if you have hungry children, they may not be enough

Popsicle molds – the most practical

THAT children they may not have the perfect dexterity challenge an icicle that risks being smashed somewhere. These Nuk popsicle molds are specially designed for children because they have a simpler and safer, tangible handle. They are also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Pro of the product: they are also ideal for very young children, for example under teeth, to provide relief or weaning, and the molds can be frozen separately, even one at a time

Disadvantages of the product: These ice lolly molds are less suitable for older children, so they may need to be replaced as they grow, as they are also small

Popsicle molds: the essentials

If you are looking for ice lolly molds economical and essential, these from Tescoma are for you. They represent the very basis: six classic molds, for freezing and eating like a real ice lolly.

Pro of the product: practical, economical, machine-friendly and BPA-free

Disadvantages of the product: they are not suitable for small children, the handle is quite short

Popsicle shapes – the most creative

If you want to impress your children, their friends but also the adult guests, these ice lolly molds they will not disappoint you! Design is the strong point, as each shape replicates one animals!

Pro of the product: The design is definitely the highlight, but they are also easy to use and clean and BPA-free

Disadvantages of the product: they are a bit expensive and only allow you to make four ice lollies

Popsicle molds – the most purchased

That favorite ice lolly molds by consumers, these are made of silicone, suitable for both the freezer and the oven, they go in the dishwasher, but can also be easily washed by hand. They are complete with accessories and are available in different colors.

Pro of the product: ice sticks can be easily pulled out, they are spacious and can be washed quickly, even in the washing machine

Disadvantages of the product: there are no disadvantages, the only one can be the classic and less attractive design than others

choose ice lolly molds it is not difficult, but some aspects must be taken into account, if you buy for children, for example, there are those for the little ones, with lighter grips, or smaller, so that they do not melt. But if you really want to impress your kids and guests, choose them with creative shapes!

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