The 12th edition of Energicamente – A school for sustainability is over

Here is the ranking of the winners of the competitions in the national recreational-pedagogical project on energy and the environment created by Estra

SIENA. Over 700 Italian schools, of which more than 300 in Abruzzo, Marche Molise and Tuscany and Umbria, with teachers active on the Energicamente side and 12,135 unique users. These are the numbers on the twelfth edition of the educational path Energetic – At the School of Sustainability promoted by Estra, in collaboration with Legambiente And The factorywhich has just been completed.

An educational path created to involve children and that guys in building one more sustainable, habitable and just worldin line with the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Also this year, the course provided primary schools (IV and V) and 1st grade colleges from across the country the opportunity to discuss these issues thanks to a platform 100% digital and a gamified path developed in stages full of mini-games, quizzes, in-depth activities and missions, designed to directly and actively involve students learning in this way by doing. The online challenge, which is functional in improving student earnings, has allowed children and teens to team up, earn points as individuals and as a class, climb the rankings and win prizes for their school.

In all these years, thanks to Energicamente, we have had the opportunity to touch the growing attention of children and young people and the school to environmental issues and in particular the conscious use of energy – he commented Alessandro Piazzi CEO of Estra – it was also an enrichment for us adults and a satisfaction as Estra to have contributed to this change. The magazines from the schools that participated in the competitions are examples of how sustainability is already an acquired concept for the new generations, who correctly use concepts such as recycling, climate change, alternative energy. This is also active citizenship, even with these gestures we can help the environment. ”

Also in this edition, there have been many and articulated ideas and suggestions from children and young people for a sustainable future beginning in school. The place where the project was born, it then grew with the aim of improving the role of the school as an essential place to promote a new culture of sustainability consists of information but also of actions.



Energetic schools involved in a educational competition inspired by the 2030 agenda “Together about the global goals“. 56 projects were submitted from 44 schools and 113 projects. Classes could start from reality, identify a critical situation and suggest ideas and solutions to improve it or be inspired by the gamified path by collecting the documents created in the online missions and adding the presentation of the class.

1st Classified Primary School Carmela Ronchi – Vallada Agordina (BL)

Premium: a voucher of 1,000 Euros for the purchase of teaching materials

#Recicliamo Energica … remember! The work was developed during the year based on the study of energy, in science and technology and from the goals of the 2030 agenda in social sciences. The children practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired by building 5 working prototypes, made with recycled material and inspired by renewable sources: the mini school for viruses with solar energy and backpack, the wind-powered lighthouse, the miniature hydroelectric power plant, the Christmas tree with LEDs and the crane to collect trees.

2nd Classified Primary School of Managers – Quadri (CH)

Premium: a voucher of 800 Euro for the purchase of didactic material

Planets Park and the Rainbow: To build a future in support of the environment, children have designed a park where they can play and at the same time produce energy. The park is built with recycled and recyclable materials and is divided into 5 areas: 1. The emotional gym is reminiscent of the solar system and the planets and is surrounded by an electric train powered by PV panels; 2. the bright rainbow lights up thanks to bikes connected by bulbs; 3. the eco-friendly slide is made of aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable; 4. Space zip line has LEDs representing the stars; The 5th swing is eco-sustainable.

3rd Classified Primary School Edmondo De Amicis – Trino Vercellese (VC)

Premium: a voucher of 400 Euro for the purchase of teaching materials

Is the climate changing? So let’s change too! ENERGY! – Thanks to the Energicamente path, the children talked a lot about climate change. Realizing its consequences, they asked themselves “What can we do?”. To answer, they recorded a video showing them in action between small daily gestures and technological solutions. The children wrote the entire script and shot some of the footage at home and abroad, involving families and working on the project even after school.

Energetic it has also foreseen a path online with prizes – which they joined 121 schools and 228 classrooms – through which students had to overcome missions and activities to collect points and get into the rankings.

The first 3 schools to achieve the highest score were awarded a voucher for the purchase of teaching materials worth: € 800 for 1st grade € 500 for 2nd grade € 300 for 3rd grade.

This is the final location:

1st Grade Secondary School Don Alessandro Sina from Esine (BS)

2. Enrico Fermi Secondary School of Lainate (MI)

3rd Primary School of Portella della Ginestra di Vittoria (RG)

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