Table football, because the thought of a summer without playing with it scares us so much

Coast, shot, target. “Stump”. That table football table. The ball of the ball hitting the metal part of the target. Monetina, new dull noise. So the hail of balls coming down for yet another game. Unmistakable sounds that were the real ones summer hit many of our vacations. For a few hours, however, it seemed that the music was destined to change forever: the owners of many bathing facilities they thought of moving from the shores table football after the news spread, after which the Danish Customs would have taxed the owners of table football, as happens to those who have slot machines and video poker in their business. In reality, things are a little different: it is true that there is a need for one “Position for commissioning” football table and table tennis tables and it is true that you risk penalties up to 4 thousand euros but the Danish Customs has pointed out that in order to comply with the legislation, it is sufficient to manufacture a self-certification.

A family around a table football table in 1958

Jon Brenneis / Getty Images

In the meantime everything happened. Protests from the owners of the establishments and also from future bathers. Can you actually think of a summer without table football? Many would probably continue to quietly enjoy their vacation on the beach, but if the latest analog fun he resisted to the digital tsunamiMaybe it’s because we have each attached a memory, a friendship, a meeting or, why not, even a love for this fascinating object. Summer or not, it does not matter. Because the feeling of one “Rolled” it’s something very romantic that takes us back to when we were kids, and standing on a chair we tried to turn the knobs as if they were the knives on a blender. The same goes for “Stu-tumpen”, which we heard, a little older, when we closed a goal in: the annoying sound was a thump in the heart, sleeves and put the ball back in the middle to try again, in an attempt to transform the same sound to the most beautiful melody in the world, which only in the few moments gave a feeling of having made it. And again: how many matches for “Queen ball”accompanied by the battle cry “He who does this wins”. Discussions that lasted until the next game, or until the pile of flickering coins over one of the two doors had crumbled.

Table football, a social game

Lucio Dalla and Gianni Morandi play table football in Morandi’s house in 1969.

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What can be the same between table football and slot machines? Probably nothingdespite the shillings. The conditions are completely different. In table football, you actually need to have at least two players to play, although the maximum is of course four. Not to mention the group created around, between “fans”, “experts” or just “curious”. Here’s the difference: In table football you play together, even if you are opponents. There is no bank: the pathological mechanism can hardly be triggered, and probably this also depends on place where table football is located: among people, in front of the sea. Like the pedal boat and the roller coaster for kids. Because everyone, absolutely everyone, has played the most successful game from the post-war period to today: from Gianni Morandi and Lucio Dalla (as pictured on the page) to Pope Francis. The football table services relationships and not hinders, as it happens when you are alone in front of a screen, at the back of a bar, waiting to see three identical figures. An example? I 2016 youtuberen Canesecco, he thought of placing a table football next to some bus stops in Rome to cheat the long wait times of the capital’s passengers. The result was a funny video: many people, thanks to the table football table and the company of other travelers, did not even notice the biblical delays of the buses or at least met them with a completely different spirit.


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The places for table football

THAT places, we said, they are important. The beauty of a game at sunset where the sun goes down in the sea is unparalleled, and the same goes if you are playing in front of a bar in a square in a village around Italy during a hot summer evening. But very often the reverse mechanism happens where it is right the table football table to transform the frame: browse the possible photos that should be included in this article, for example, pictures of table football came out that returned to dar a dim light of hope in places that had seen little hope, as in contexts war and poverty. In the first shot, the children in Bissau, Guinea’s capital, spend the day with an old table football, while in the second, a US Army soldier in Mosul, Iraq, plays with children on the street.

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