Preliminary teaching assignments in 2022, with support also without title. Requirements, declarations, operating order and application compilation

Teachers requesting an interprovincial provisional assignment may also request it for support positions without specialization qualifications. Requirements, statements, priorities, transaction order and online application compilation.


Applications for provisional allocation and use may be submitted from June 20 to July 4, 2022, via online instances to be accessed with SPID credentials. Here are our guides

All permanent teachers who possess the necessary prerequisites can apply, including those employed in the academic year. 2020/21 and in the academic year 2021/22, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 399 (1). 3, in Legislative Decree no. 297/94, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 126/2019, amended to Act no. 159/2019 and by virtue of the extension of CCNI 2019/22, which does not offer any restrictions.

Only teachers who are legally employed by the academic year can submit an application. 2022/23 and the teachers employed by GPS first band, through the extraordinary procedure under Art. 59/4 in Statutory Order no. 73/2021, amended to Act no. 106/2021.

Read here for requirements, place / class request, preferences and priorities


The provisional allocation may be requested for a single province, provided that one of the following reasons arises:

  • reunification with children or minors with statutory provisions;
  • reunification with the spouse / part of the civil cohabitation or with the cohabitant, including relatives or relatives, as long as the stability of the cohabitation follows from the registration certificate;
  • the serious health needs of the applicant, documented by an appropriate health certificate;
  • reunion with the parent.

Task for untitled support

If one of the aforementioned reasons arises, even the teacher without special qualification can apply for temporary employment for a support position.


The task of support without specialization qualification can be requested if:

  • it is a matter of interprovincial provisional allocation;
  • the teacher in question is completing the specialization course or has alternatively completed at least one year of employment (even on a time-limited basis) in a support position.

With regard to the last point reported above, it is clarified that the CCNI does not foresee that the year of service on support has been carried out to the specific degree requested by the provisional transfer, ie. ownership. Therefore, it is possible to make use of a previous service, also performed by temps and at another level.


In the aforementioned operation, i.e. inter-provincial provisional assignment on unnamed grants, the professors who benefit from the priority referred to in Article 8 (IV) (g), (l) and (m) of the CCNI shall have priority, respectively. 2019/22:

Point IV. Help:

  1. g) teachers recipients of art. 5 and 7, in Act no. 33, para. 104/92, who are the parents, including adopters or persons exercising legal protection, to a person with a disability in a serious situation; such a priority, like the disappearance of the parents, is recognized to one of the cohabiting brothers / sisters of the severely disabled person if both parents are unable to provide assistance to the severely disabled child because they are totally incapacitated;
  2. (l) working mothers and working fathers, including adoptive fathers or foster parents with children under the age of six (children who reach the age of six between 1 January and 31 December of the year in which the transfer takes place are taken into account, ie between 1 January and 31 December 2022). In the case of adoptions and care, the six years from the minor’s entry into the family are understood;
  3. m) working mothers and working fathers, including adoptive fathers or foster parents with offspring over six years and under twelve years of age (children who turn twelve between 1 January and 31 December 2022 are taken into account). By adoptions and foster families is meant the twelve years as from the minor’s entry into the family.


The above teachers must attach the online application:

  1. self-declaration regarding the specialization course on support, not yet completed or
  2. self-declaration regarding years of service performed on support

How to upload attachments (image guide)

Compilation of the application

In order to complete the application, teachers requesting an interprovincial preliminary assignment for support without a specialization qualification must have access to the IOL page with the sections of the application (read in this context here):

Once you have reached the aforementioned page, click on “Type of position applied for / Specialization qualifications” (the section presents differences in the different degrees of education, which are shown below):

Primary school:

Primary school:

First and second grade after school

As you can see, the differences relate to the types of posts to be applied for, but the field regarding the request for anonymous support posts is the same in all applications (except for the number that differentiates it). To fill in the aforementioned field, click on “Edit” at the bottom of the page:

After clicking “Edit”, you can continue to fill in the field by inserting “YES” according to the requirement you have: “At the end of the specialization course for support” or “He has served at least one year in a support position”:

As you can see in the previous picture, the field “Normal places” is also marked, as the request for support is a supplement to the competition class / place of ownership.

After filling in the field as mentioned above, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Operating order

The interprovincial preliminary assignment on a support position for teachers without specialization qualifications is the penultimate movement in connection with all use operations and preliminary allocations, which we read inAnnex 1 “Operational sequence: Applications, preliminary tasks and tasks of temporary headquarters – teaching staff” to CCNI 2019/22, and is marked with n. 41:

Temporary employment of teachers from another province without specialization qualification, provided that they are completing the specialization course on support or alternatively have completed at least one year of employment – also on a time-limited basis – in a support position. The teaching staff benefiting from the privileges mentioned in point IV
of Article 8 easily. g), l) and m) are treated with priority in the expected order.

Preliminary assignments and the teacher uses 2022: guides to fill out the application, forms, answers to questions. With complete video guide [LO SPECIALE]

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