Pittoni explains the news at the school approved with the PNRR 2 decree

PNRR Decree 2the Vice-President of the Senate Commission on Culture, Mario Pittonihe explained in detail what Messages arriving at school with the amendments made in the Folketing to Decree no. 36.

Teacher training and 500 euro bonus, Pittoni: ‘Government obliged to find additional resources’

‘A success – began Pittoni – was undoubtedly the team spirit that has been patiently built up in recent months with authentic “dress rehearsals” in the changing phase of recent decrees, which allowed us to gather unexpected results.

The compactness of carrying out at least the divided battles – consolidated on this occasion – has enabled Parliament to regain its legislative function at least in part, prompting the rapporteur for the Cangini provision to confirm that it will approve “rules on subject for schools that are more advanced than those commissioned by the government “. Thanks to the extraordinary compactness and tenacity of the majority of the chairs of the Committees on Education and Constitutional Affairs, we have achieved the resources for Teacher card will not be touched.

There teacher education it will be funded with an ad hoc fund until 2024, and the government is committed to finding additional resources from the next budget law ”. Of course, the birth rate is a fact. However, it is also a fact that Italy spends less on education than its European partners. We signaled this strongly and achieved that the savings due to the reduction in the number of students remain in the school sector. Light and shadows obviously remain on the legal front, where division is less easy ‘.

Activating paths

‘There is openness (although it will be necessary to monitor the application criteria) – continues the head of Lega’s Education Department – on training courses that enable teachingwhich they are interested in in addition to those who teach in the public school (other GPS tape), in peers (where the shortage of qualified teachers is particularly noticeable) and in VET centers, the so-called permanent teachers “i bur“Where has the possibility of obtaining the qualification to teach in another competitive class and / or for a different level of education so far been removed while possessing the relevant qualification (obtaining the qualification is an essential condition for participation in the professional mobility that granted in accordance with the national agreement).

And do not forget me PhDsto which the experiential value of their path must be recognized, while at the same time the importance of participating in and passing a specific educational course dedicated to teaching in high school is reaffirmed.

Transitional phase of historical precariat

‘The question of transition phase to overcome historical precariat. In fact, Pittoni adds, there is a contradiction between the European request for greater attention in the selection of teachers and the “internal” pressure, with the introduction of a timing out of reality, to liquidate the problem by digging up pre-selection (in practice a competition to gain access to another competition) and cross-check tests, certainly fast and “cheap”, but absolutely unable to assess teachers’ suitability, abilities, maturity and knowledge of the Italian language; all to meet the commitment to hire 70,000 new teachers by 2024.

Recruitment and competitions

‘That employment, if there is the political will, even with all the attention they have never been a problem with timing. The doubt is that the use of mechanisms such as preselection and cross-selection is already excluded from the future competitionsin fact, the aim is not to facilitate, but on the contrary to cut out the historical precariat, which even in the last decade has taken on the task of supporting the system.

The current cross-stitch competitions have halved, or even reduced to a third, the percentage of teachers which usually passes the test and certainly not due to lack of quality among competitors. We will therefore fight for an extension of the transition phase times to remove any justification for the use of these tools.

To return to the positive, we have access to specialization courses on support (even without qualification) for those with three years of specific experience (remember that over a third of support teachers are not specialized).
There is restoration in the competitions of merit placements of suitable to fill the positions that subsequently become vacant and vacant.

We were particularly concerned, together with the repayment of the inter-provincial provisional task (especially important for mothers with young children), an issue which at other tables finally seems to be heading towards a solution.

There is an exemption for partners class teacher for schools in Regency. Finally, there is the extraordinary competition for temporary staff in the Catholic religion with at least 36 months of service in state schools. The rankings after the extraordinary procedure will be used every year until they are completely exhausted. The conditions for the submission of applications, the methods for holding the didactic-methodological oral examination, the assessment thereof and the qualifications for the preparation of the ranking list are determined by the Ministry of Education.
For these reasons – concludes Pittoni – I announce the positive vote of the League – Salvini Premier – Sardinian Action Party ‘.

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