otium studio wins gold medal at “European design awards 2022”

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The Otium studio in Castelfranco Veneto wins the 2022 edition of the “European Design Awards”. The award ceremony took place a few days ago in Tallinn, Estonia. Otium took first place in the competition for the best “Art Catalog”, which was attended by hundreds of studios from all over Europe. The gold medal came thanks to the book entitled “Omne Beauty 2018-2020”, a photographic project that includes images from 8 internationally renowned photographers: Gianantonio Battistella, Francesca Cirilli, Anne Golaz, Vittorio Mortarotti, Igor Ponti, Antoine Séguin, Massimo Sordi, Marco Zanta. The curators are Massimo Sordi and Stefania Rössl from OMNE – North East Mobile Observatory. The graphic project for which the prestigious prize is awarded is by Damiano Fraccaro, graphic designer and art director, since 2012 in the staff at Otium, graduated from Iuav University of Venice, with experience also in the didactic field and already winner of several international sector prizes . By his side in the project Matteo Beda, another talented graphic designer from the Otium studio.

Volume is the result of the project “OMNE – Northeast Mobile Observatory”, where professional photographers have immortalized environmental, architectural, anthropological, social and cultural aspects of the Italian Northeast with an artistic approach. A journey that takes place in the territory in search of possible relationships between space, landscape and the body that inhabits it. The book “Omne Beauty 2018/2020” is a box with 9 volumes, one of which introduces the work, and another 8 are dedicated to each of the photographers involved in the project. The files contain the images and the conceptual insights that they are made around. All photos are taken primarily in the area between Castelfranco Veneto, Asolo, Bassano del Grappa and Treviso. “To analyze the various aspects that describe the landscape of northeastern Italy and focus on reading the critical factors that can be attributed to the progressive processes of dispersal and fragmentation, typical of this particular geographical area – explains Alessandro Fraccaro, owner of Otium – OMNE North East Mobile Observatory has continued the photographic campaigns launched in 2016, entrusting 5 artists in the residence and 3 invited photographers with a study of the Veneto area, suggesting a reflection on the concept of Beauty.The volume is intended as a coffin , which in addition to a text apparatus rich in contributions from teachers and experts contains “Will the world save beauty?” by Salvatore Settis, 8 issues, one for each photographer, with respect for a plural interpretation of the very concept of beauty ”.

The first issue is entitled “City of G. or Giorgionesca”. Francesca Cirilli has gathered here the echo of the painter born in Castelfranco Veneto through traces of a modern fantasy reminiscent of the love story between Giorgione and Cecilia. “Our Time” by Vittorio Mortarotti deals with the theme of beauty by combining it with the concept of transience, which is reflected in the form of a portrait, in the form of a teenager and in the features of a fragile landscape, precisely that of the northeast suspended between rapid development and protection of the uncertain balance with the environment. With “Beauty”, Igor Ponti proposes a rich imagery of local places with a strong iconic value. The “Like” project by Antoine Séguin focuses instead on the contradictions of the contemporary landscape and on the hypothesis of an intangible visual mapping, suspended between modernity and the past. “Prospects for Silence. Lens Roams Into the Landscape of History. Monte Grappa 1987-2020” is the title of Gianantonio Battistella’s project on his exploration of Monte Grappa. Marco Zanta’s “Archive Partitions in the Northeast of the Century” suggests an entry into the photographer’s personal archive, which invites you to inhabit the interiors of some Venetian companies in the golden age of the 1990s economy. Finally, the series of images presented in Massimo Sordi’s “Around the Tree” tell the relationship between man and nature, suggesting new relationships with the cosmos. This is not the first time for the Otium study. In the last 4 years, the Castelfranco studio has already been awarded 3 times at the European Design Awards and won 2 gold medals. “This recognition is a source of pride for the entire studio – explains Alessandro Fraccaro, owner of Otium – we are grateful to the organization and the EDAwards jury and to all those who have collaborated on the project. First of all, I must mention Damiano Fraccaro and “Matteo Beda, who has personally followed the project. The idea of ​​deepening the context in which we live, with a reasoned and contemporary approach, is the basis of all Otium’s work. This catalog represents a place of arrival, but also a starting point for the continuation of” OMNE “project. In particular, I feel obliged to mention the creators of OMNE: Massimo Sordi and Stefania Rösll, the initiators of the” Omne Beauty 2018/2020 “initiative: The city of Castelfranco Veneto, University of Padua, Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana, University of Bologna – Department of Architecture; Nevertheless, thanks to the Skinnerboox publishing house who believed in us, to Fedrigoni who supported us, and to Tipografia Toffanin, who excellently created what was designed a f Studio “


Otium is an interdisciplinary office in Castelfranco Veneto. It was founded in 2007 by a group of professionals from different but complementary sectors, with the aim of following complex projects to ensure a common and coherent design. The study deals with analysis and general strategy for communication, graphics, photography, video, web design and development, publishing and museum setup. This year celebrates 15 years of activity. Since 2010, the studio has been in operation at the historic Rusticali headquarters in Palazzo Riccati Avogadro in Castelfranco Veneto. Otium regularly collaborates with the Antonio Canova Gypsotheca Museum in Possagno, the Bodoniano Museum in Parma, the Casa Giorgione Museum in Castelfranco Veneto, the Padova Botanical Garden, the Villa Parco Bolasco in Castelfranco Veneto, the city of Riese Pio X, the Venetian Garden Fund with Italian Istres companies. These are the recognitions that the company has gained over the last few years: Honorable mention at the XXV Compasso d’Oro ADI Award for the “Tipoteca” project, National Champion – Italy Fedrigoni Top Award 2019 for the “Tipoteca” project, Winner ( Medal) of ‘gold) European Design Awards 2019 for “Omne-Work 2016-2018”, Red Dot Best of the Best 2019 Winner for “Omne-Work 2016-2018”, ADI Design Index 2019, for the project “Omne-Work 2016 – 2018 ”, ADI Design Index 2020, for the project“ P = S + N, Landscape, Subject Nature ”, Bronze Medal European Design Awards 2021 for“ At home in Sweden, Germany and America ”.

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