Morrovalle, “Il Fiordaliso” and “Il Melograno” inaugurated: support for mothers and children in difficulty – Picchio News

Last Saturday, June 18ththe inauguration of the two educational communities for minors was held “Il Fiordaliso “and” Il Melograno “, administered by the non-profit social cooperative Pars. The two communities have actually been active for some time now, but the initial event had been postponed several times until the covid-19 pandemic actually put it on hold. With the end of the emergency, however, the Pars cooperative decided to reschedule this moment of meeting and get to know a service of vital importance to the whole territory.

“Il Melograno” started its activities in October 2018, it hosts nine minors with the opportunity to host a mother. The educational community “Il Fiordaliso” has been active since March 2020 and hosts 10 minors with the opportunity to welcome three mothers. Both communities aim to offer an educational service, aimed at minors in difficulty, in an environment that is as consistent as possible with a balanced development / psychophysical well-being of the guest himself, which promotes their approach and, where possible, reintegration . in family context with origin. The purpose of the service is to temporarily replace the family of origin for the time necessary to overcome the difficulties of the parents and to obtain the independence of a person.

“I’m here in Morrovalle as an educator since the facility opened, and a few months ago the cooperative offered me to coordinate the two communities – he said Daniele Sforzini, operational rapporteur of the two communities – here we welcome children with family problems. For what a minor has experienced and absorbed negatively during his life, it happens that he appears angry, that he has a criminal behavior, that he looks bad.

This type of negative trait is not innate, but builds up slowly, day after day, and above all within the dynamics of dysfunctional family or friends. We therefore need examples and personalities who are able to involve children in positive experiences. This is what we are aiming for so that these boys can grow to become free women and men, and they are also positive and redemptive examples for society.

Here we also welcome mothers with their children: also in this case we try to support these parents, who due to various family problems are now here with their children. The relationship with the institutions is fundamental to give a clear and unambiguous message to those who are in the most sensitive phase of growth and conscience formation.

But for us, the relationship to all the different realities and associations of the territory, to families, to each individual person is also fundamental to help us transmit to our children the feeling of belonging to a territory and the meaning and importance of social relations. . . The educational communities “Il pomegranate” and “Il fiordaliso” are now part of the large urban community of Morrovalle, and within that we and the children want to become more and more involved and promote initiatives and collaborations ».

The mayor represented the municipal administration Andrea Staffolani.e. Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Social Services Fabiana Scarpetta, in addition to the parish priest Don Luigi Marchionni, who blessed the structure, to the director of the comprehensive institute Via Piave Arianna Simonetti. “The collaboration between the municipality and Pars has been consolidated for several years, and we are very grateful to the cooperative for the fundamental role it plays in synergy with our social office – stressed Staffolani and Scarpetta – there are many difficult situations that our offices entail. they relate every day, many of them relating to mothers and children in difficulty.Intervention in the first person is not always possible so the work that communities like “Il Melograno” and “Il Fiordaliso” it is very important “.

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