Montegridolfo, a summer in the name of music and culture. Events

A summer in the name fantastic music, art, culture. The rich program of events and initiatives, conceived and created byDepartment of Culture, Tourism and Communicationwhich will animate from late June to September Montegridolfo. The curtain, in the village of Valconca, will be raised the day after tomorrow (Saturday 25 June), with a double deal that will radiate from Montegridolfo throughout the region.

Saturday, June 25 at 16.30, in the framework of Giacomo Matteotti Square, the inauguration of the art exhibition will be held Hyperbolic dreamcreated by Diana Policarpo, which will remain on display until 18 September. The exhibition is part of the program for A mouthful of art, the contemporary art project spread throughout Italy promoted by the Elpis Foundation in collaboration with Galleria Continua, with the participation of Threes Productions, which reinforces the meeting between art and historical, artistic and landscape heritage. Throughout the summer, until September 18, 20 of the most beautiful and atmospheric villages in Italy – one for each region – will be the scene of 20 art interventions performed by 20 artists of age, culture, geographical origin and different artistic languages.

For Emilia-Romagna, it will be the Montegridolfo Castle with its history and its landscape paths that will host a contemporary art project created in situ by the artist Diana Policarpo (1986, Lisbon, Portugal).

Always a border country, Montegridolfo is still today an enchanted border village in the province of Rimini, with around 1000 inhabitants. Here, at the invitation of the initiators, Diana Policarpo will spend a period of time with the opportunity to deepen the history and identity of the place – with its centuries-old architecture, Linea dei Gotis museum, the archives, the olive tree’s agricultural culture with the production of the famous oil, its nature protected as a landscape active – and to enter into a relationship with the people who live there, to discover traditions, customs and daily activities. After a phase of listening, exploration, exploration and planning, the artist will return to the community with a site-specific installation, produced specifically in relation to the territory and the lived experience.

A mouthful of art a unique exhibition experience is reaffirmed that makes the audience embark on an extraordinary journey to discover contemporary art and our country’s most authentic heritage, a true open-air museum that year after year offers an unprecedented cultural experience aimed at everyone, not only for professionals, but above all for tourists, curious and passionate about villages like Montegridolfo.

The initiative that Culture Councilor Marco Musmeci strongly wanted, and which has achieved protection of the Emilia-Romagna region, sees his direct participation in what is already drawing to be a very suggestive event.

The third edition of Music Festival – “Concerts at the castle” with the exhibition, at 21.00 in Palazzo Viviani, af Blumen Trio, composed by Davide Tura, Claudia Lapolla, Veronica Conti. Music by: Ezio Bosso, Ryuichki Sakamoto, Max Richter. Claudia Lapolla on violin and Veronica Conti on cello are two great soloists who play with artists of international caliber. Davide Tura, eclectic composer and pianist accompanies us in the most delicate and intimate melodies of his musical research. “Concerts at the castle” – the festival created by the Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Communication Marco Musmeci, which during the summer brings classic and modern tones to the enchanting atmospheres of the village of Montegridolfo – sees again the collaboration with“Arturo Toscanini” Regional Orchestra, with the unique preview of the performance of the Kiev Opera Chorus, staged on Saturday 28 May in the framework of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie sanctuary in Trebbio. Below is the complete program, created thanks to the partnership between Visit Romagna and Hera Group.

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