Millions of euros for public housing. In September, work begins in via Giuseppina

“In light of a significant legacy, we continue the process of rebuilding the homes and living spaces that the municipality owns. These are connections that date back to the seventies and therefore often require significant rebuilds and extraordinary interventions. Alongside this, the social investment we make is fundamental to ensuring greater proximity and encouraging interventions aimed at situations of greater fragility ”. This is what Deputy Mayor Andrea Virgilio states regarding the regeneration process of the municipality’s building heritage, with special attention to interventions in connection with public housing construction.

The numerous implemented interventions, those in the implementation and planning phase, show the administration’s significant commitment on this front.

In the buildings at number 2 and 4 of via Sardagna the energy efficiency work was completed (the test took place in January last year) for a total amount of € 620,000.00 with installation of the coat, replacement of windows and boilers.

On the road Caudana, 1 and in via Allende, 2 Ten apartments have been renovated and will be assigned as soon as the work to streamline the facades is completed before the end of the summer. In this case, the total work amounts to € 470,000.00.

Also already renovated and awaiting assignment are 11 accommodations in different areas of the city: Largo Paolo Sarpi, via Divisione Acqui and via Ghinaglia. Their accommodation involved a total price of € 110,000.00.

In addition, 21 apartments are located in street numbers 1 and 6 under renovation Caudana, i via Maffi, 16, i via Mosconi, 17, i via Altobello Melone, 22 and i largo Pagliari, 13: completion of the works, amounting to € 570,000.00, is expected in October 2023.

Also under renovation there are 22 apartments in nos. 1, 3 and 5 of via Allende, in via Caudana, 2, in via Ghinaglia, 78 and in via Divisone Acqui, 2 and 4. Also in this case, the completion of the works is expected for a total amount of € 700,000.00 in October 2023.

With regard to the interventions that will be carried out in the coming months, the 12 apartments in via Caudana, 4 in the San Felice district, should be noted: for these, the executive project and the commencement of the works are underway, for a total amount of € 571,000, 00, is scheduled for spring 2023.

Of great importance are the interventions that start in September this year and that affect three buildings in via Giuseppina where energy efficiency will be achieved through external insulation, replacement of windows and boilers. The walkway will also be torn down and it is damaged and a new elevator is being built in the building at number 6.

These works, at a cost of € 990,000.00, were supposed to have started in the spring, but due to the increases in the prices of materials and energy, the project had to be put back into operation with a consequent postponement until September. The replacement of the elevators in the other two buildings, with the relative demolition of the footbridges and layout of the area, is planned for the next few months.

With the financing that the Municipality has managed to obtain from the funds allocated through National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)it will be possible to implement the efficiency of the farm building of via Vecchia, the adaptation of the systems and the new elevator, already works in the planning phase. For this building, work is scheduled to begin in late 2023 and the cost amounts to € 1,100,000.00. Finally, again with funding from PNRR, the energy efficiency of the building in via Valdipado where the systems need to be adapted, the new elevator built and the home redistributed to make it more functional. Also in this case, the design is already underway and work will begin at the end of 2023 for a total amount of € 3,000,000.00.

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