Kids and summer: what to do in Macerata

IDEAS for parents in these three months off, try to use this break also to strengthen the bond to their children

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June 4 was the last school day for elementary and middle school children. As every year, it was a great pleasure for them to end the ‘boring’ days at school to start the summer fun. Parents, on the other hand, are starting to get worried because they often do not know who to leave their children with, and also fear that the boredom will set in and that they spend too much time in front of the television. Here are some ideas to “survive” these three months off, and try to use this break as well to strengthen the bond with your children.

Buy games that suit the summer

One way to get the summer off to a good start is to give the kids games and leisure activities that distract them from the TV or tablet and get them off the couch. Green light therefore for the purchase of balls, rackets, pistols and water pistols. During this period, most supermarkets offer these items at very favorable prices. To get an idea of ​​what can be found on the market, you can consult the preview flyer tigros, which dedicates an entire section to entertainment options for the little ones.

Registration of children for summer camp

There are numerous proposals dedicated to children in the province of Macerata. A few days ago we talked about the summer in the neighborhood initiative organized by the Municipality, other associations that have thought about children are for example Youth Education Animation, which organizes a summer center, the summer school for Salesian Institute, the summer center dedicated only to girls created by Asd Macerata Softball and Educamp by Coni from Macerata. To find out about all the suggestions in your area, just search on Google, most of the activities are usually presented online.

Give the kids time to get bored

The school period is always hectic, between commitments, trips and schedules, according to an article published in National Geographic in 2020, it is important to give children time to get bored. Psychologist Sara L. Donan points out that boredom is a positive emotion as it stimulates the brain to find something new to do. So at least during the summer it will be a good idea to give the little ones some breaks, not fill them with activities and thus make room for creativity.

Organize family outings

Summer is the perfect time to strengthen family ties. A trip to the sea, to the museum, a walk in the middle of nature or just a simple picnic with their parents, will be an opportunity for your children to spend quality time with you. You also not only learn in school, remember that you also have the skills and competencies to teach something interesting. To organize where you are going or what to see, you can always consult the municipality’s website.

Do not forget your homework

As soon as school ends, the kids will want to leave their backpack in a narrow corner of the house and leave it there all summer. Instead, it is important to dedicate part of the day to homework to leave the mind trained. If you feel that your child really needs a break, you might want to go to the library and read a book together on a topic that interests them a lot. The ‘Mozzi-Borgetti’ municipal library will also remain open in the summer, every weekday from 9am to 6.30pm, while only on Saturday mornings.

These are just some ideas to spend the summer in the best possible way and in any case dear parents, although this period could be stressful for you and create many problems for your schedule, so remember that for your children it will probably be that season, they will always remember. with more emotion and enthusiasm, try to be patient, September 14th is not that far away.


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