InteriorissimiCasa: an interior designer for you, from color choices to furniture

It starts from the province of Turin InteriorissimiCASAa service that connects individuals with dozens of interior designers. A team of architects, interior designers, color designers and lighting designers united by a passion for the culture of interior design and furniture.

Furniture consulting, from restyling of environments to furniture and color. An online service from new-looking to renovations proposes it, a magazine about home gardens, born in Turin from the innate passion of a group of interior designers and architects with over ten years of experience in architectural design of interiors, colors and furniture.

InteriorissimiCASA offers you an online furniture consultant to design the best furniture and color choices for your home

It is possible to communicate directly with a consultant, architect or interior designer, via Skype or Zoom, who will be able to see the state of affairs and produce digitally informed drawings and projects that end up with usable solutions or entire restyling projects, redesign of environments, interior design studio, decor, lighting and color.

What is InteriorissimiCasa?

InteriorissimiCasa is the online furniture consulting service (via Skype or Zoom) proposed by Interiorissimi, a magazine focusing on garden furniture for the home. Do you need to design your specially designed kitchen, living room or bedroom? No problem: one of our experienced interior designers will connect online and listen to you for whatever the first questions may be, will take care of finding the goals and listening to your requests to create with you, in no time , The 3D project of your furniture, choice of furniture, color and materials.

Whether it is a renovation, a newly built apartment or a small redistribution of space, the goal for interior design consultants is to follow every step of the interior design need: from architectural design by customization of each detail, in contact with suppliers, to

Why choose InteriorissimiCasa?

The InteriorissimiCasa service offers many benefits:

Ideas and tips for decor: our furniture consultants and interior designers available to you, will advise you to find the best solution for furnishing your home
Accurate projects: The consulting service includes design of the furniture that best suits your wishes and needs, contact with any suppliers and technicians, measurement detection, color / material selection for finishes and 3D design
Very fast times: in less than two hours you can contact (phone, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom) an interior designer and explain what the needs are. You are already receiving a first offer on a non-binding offer. All in the comfort of your home.
Affordable prices: the consultations are not carried out by intermediaries, but directly by the adviser who contacts the client. The price is on average 40 euros / hour including VAT. The first one hour call is free.

How to contact InteriorissimiCASA Interior Designer consultants

Why trust an interior designer?

The benefits of relying on the technical and creative preparation of an interior designer are many

  • The interior designer meets the client to understand his needs, expectations and transform them into real project goals;
  • Examine the living environment by designing the changes (for example, choose the best floor, coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, furniture design objects, choose how they are best placed in the room);
  • Plan ahead and cost; the construction site for you
  • Decides the subdivision of rooms and surfaces in relation to the functions assigned to them: In designs relating to business premises, e.g. the activity of the interior designer also relates to the efficient division of spaces between exhibition areas, corridors for the passage of customers, checkout area, warehouse, etc .;
  • It defines the design of the interior design solutions and the most suitable light for each room to create a harmonious and functional whole.
  • It is able to propose “sustainable” interior design solutions, that is, with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Saves you: the interior designer is in contact with suppliers with scouts higher than those a private person could get. It also saves you time because it already has all the contacts with selected technicians and experts (plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, etc.) selected for their reliability.
  • It collaborates with companies and shops that deal with the design and manufacture of furniture, interior design elements and interior design solutions.

For information or questions about the InteriorissimiCASA service

Write to or call 3294592139 or contact the operational headquarters.

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