Interior: the projects in the name of harmony and beauty by Atmosfera Mobili

The request for personal furniture with an exclusive design continues to grow, showing the market’s very strong interest in Made in Italy interior design synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and innovation. From the meticulous attention to detail, to the most advanced stylistic research, Italian furniture is confirmed as the highest expression of the sector.

Among the most dynamic and creative realities in the field of exclusive furniture is Atmosfera Mobili, a company that looks to its own strong future. long history of craftsmanshipwhich proposes tailor-made projects and unique creations in the field of interior design.

Atmosfera was born in 1894 as a craft workshop specializing in creating wooden objects, while today it is an international market-oriented company capable of exporting 80% of its production.

Without losing its craft essence, Atmosfera continues to create furniture based on passion and combine the unmistakable Italian style to an approach that values tailoring the furnitureinnovation and designer design.

The Italian company’s creations can be discovered inside the showroom of over 500 square meters, an exhibition space where you can find inspiration for provide any environment with style, elegance and harmony.

Atmosphere Furniture solutions for interior design

The production signed by Atmosfera focuses on the quality of know-howa know how the result of over a century of experience and continuous research, oriented towards innovation and the greatest attention to detail. The Atmosphere collections stand out for theirs craftswhile improving a design that looks the latest interior design trends internationally to always be able to meet any customer need.

The company proposes interior design solutions for the housing sectorbut also realize contract projects, which offers in both cases the maximum adaptation of the furniture to the full satisfaction of the customers. Atmosfera offers ideas for decorating any environment, from the sleeping area to the kitchen, from the living room to the living rooms, and offers ideas that help create a tailor-made space and professional support thanks to a dedicated team of skilled designers and architects.

E.g Classic project has made it possible to create a relaxing and welcoming environment with an installation where functional and practical furniture with a clean and elegant design has been integrated. Especially for this project, the Atmosfera team has designed onewhole special kitchenimproving the brightness of the environment and the organization of spaces, with wall elements and doors that have undergone special processes to highlight edges and finishes in the name of a functional and comfortable design.

Another example of Atmosfera’s championship in bespoke furniture is Circle projecta private residence that saw functionality and aesthetics as the protagonists in the renovation of the villa.

The interior design choices, oriented towards modernity and a minimal look, led to the creation of essential and inviting interiors with a modern stylewith a bespoke kitchen with attention to every detail to optimally separate the living room from the dining area.

Atmosfera Mobili’s customer care services

New thinking of housing it is a particularly delicate task as it is necessary to explore solutions that suit the real needs of the residents and create environments that reflect the tastes and needs of those who live there.

From the renovation of private homes to the renovation of resorts and businesses, it is important in these circumstances to get support from highly qualified professionals able to propose solutions tailored to their expectations.

That Atmosphere experts offer a complete service to all their customers with dedicated support, starting with initial advice and ending with after-sales assistance. The Italian company trades directly with design of any interior design solutionincluding the supply and construction of custom-made furniture and accessories and their installation in the living environment.

At Atmosphere you can find one reliable partner for interior design projects of commercial, commercial and residential buildingswith a team of designers and architects who are able to design any type of space and meet the client’s every need.

It is an approach that improves the personalization of furniture so that the space is able to respond perfectly to any housing need and enhance it with the style, craftsmanship and innovation that is typical of best made in Italy.

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