How homemade ice cream is changing

Taking advantage of Nespresso’s consolidated success, the Italian summer for ice cream lovers seems to be marked by the Tooa debut. In reality, the car was born in 2019, but the TV commercials have made us discover it only now. After making the most of the bread making, despite the desire to leave the house and enjoy the sun on the skin – which also melts our cones a bit – we discovered that we like to make ice cream ourselves. So we asked some ice cream makers to give us a map of the latest trends in homemade ice cream. Password: mix.

The raw recipe: 3 minutes without ice machine
Since 2014, Grezzo Raw Chocolate has been in the field, working to tear down all of our dogmas when it comes to candy. Now it’s up to ice cream: vegetable, water-based, without additives, cold-cooked, with 50 percent less sugar than the best artisanal ice creams. The natural and organic preparations that are marketed do not require the use of an ice machine. They are sold in glass and can be stored at room temperature. No sweeteners other than organic whole coconut sugar and whole agave syrup. No processed, industrial ingredients and additives. In a matter of minutes, they turn into ice cream, simply by adding water and following the creamy dummies-safe process step by step. All you need is a simple blender at home.

Trendy ice cream machine
According to Alberto Massensini, Cast Alimenti teacher and ice consultant, household appliances have also evolved. They are more powerful and organic. When equipped with a compressor, they also have higher cooling capacity. They can even whip a kilo of ice in 20 minutes, instead of the classic 40-45 minutes.

Massensini points out the Nemox ice cream machine, which works with homemade pacojets. After freezing the cylinders with the mixture for 24 hours, place the container under this very powerful blender, which whips the ingredients and turns them into ice.

The Ninja Creami ice cream machine allows you to work with 3 containers, where you can freeze your own mixture. Then the mechanics of the machine mix, and in just 2 minutes you have excellent ice cream at your disposal. By using the other two containers, it is possible to get up to 400 grams of ice in about ten minutes.

Tooa revolution
Do not be surprised if Tooa looks familiar to you. This ice machine uses the same concept that underlies the coffee pads. Thanks to the presence of ready-mixed bricks, it is possible to achieve perfectly whipped ice in just a few minutes. Simply select your favorite mix and instruct the machine through an application.

With the smartphone you go to open a QR code on the package and via bluetooth you can choose between a process that gives us a denser or creamier ice cream. After this selection, the preparation is poured into the glass (the only part of the machine to be cleaned) and inserted into the mechanical body. 3 minutes is enough to perform the magic, without the common cold. Vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free blends are available.

If you are looking for the classic rivet, Tooa allows you to only get homemade ice cream in single portions. So in case of dinners with friends, it will be necessary to have a lot of bricks and a little patience available.

Courses, what a passion!
We have followed all sorts of webinars and online tutorials. Now that the presence time has returned, ice maker Roberto Lobrano says his courses at making ice cream at home have begun to become crowded again. The author of the bookThe art of ice cream (Slow Food) holds training meetings in its Casalecchio di Reno facility, where the ingredients to reproduce the recipes at home are also sold. «The desire to get involved is left, learning to make your own ice cream, even dusting old machines off that are already in the house. This does not mean that you remove the work from the ice bar, but that you turn the experience into a special occasion.

Short list and low glycemic index
Maestro Massensini helps us take stock of the ingredients. «You can choose between finished bricks, which should reflect the authenticity of the domestic product, or follow recipe books on homemade ice cream. In this case, the list of ingredients and the procedures must be short ». Among the trendy products, the master maker highlights coconut sugar and agave syrup, both with a low glycemic index. “I also work a lot with flowers and infusions to follow the season. Among these, elderberries, acacia, rose.”

Alberto Massenini’s recipe
How to make a kilo of classic ice cream even without the latest generation of machines.

Classic ice cream
Ingredients for 1 kg of ice cream: 250 g sugar, 150 g egg yolk, 100 g cream, 500 g milk, lemon peel, a vanilla bean.
Pasteurize on low heat to melt the ingredients at 85 ° C. Let it cool and then put it in the machine to whip.

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