Fashion and design connect Milan with the suburbs

1017 alyx 9sm, milano modeuge ss 2023

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Milan is a relay runner: on the one hand, it organizes itself carefully to fit the dates of international events into its calendar, and does everything to make them flow without too many consequences for the urban structure involved or excluded from time to time. second and from ‘others’ he does everything to keep up with the other capitals, the real ones, from which he receives the baton or passes it on.

1017 alyx 9sm, milan fashion week ss 2023

Magliano for Milan Fashion Week SS 2023 has chosen an Enel transformer cabin that has been out of use for half a century

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The most recent example was the exchange of Salone del Mobile 2022which from the fair is fragmented in the innumerable agreements of Fuorisalone, with fashion week for men. Between mutual invasions of the field and grants, furniture and clothing have unleashed a dynamic in the game of parts that leads to a reflection on their social role. In fact, the designers of both teams have long understood that unity is strength, and from the contamination of genres, stronger hybrids can be born that are capable of touching the pinnacle of sublimation of mass desires; the more complex the product, the greater the effect. The soundboard is social media, which in these twenties of the third millennium has already burst more bubbles than they exploded until their emergence.

Thus, if Dior and Louis Vuitton collaborate with the names of modern architecture to create masterpieces of domestic luxury, others like Timberland, Sunnei, or Carhartt will team up with studies that deal with the ecological cause or in the parallel and fascinating conceptual world. The experts think about the respective results: the fact is that arbitrarily, the clothing industry wants to play a role under the lifestyle umbrella. From the exchange, designs get “niche” names, from the special, the home, to the universal, the great, a place in the hearts of (im) potential buyers and the opportunity to experiment with a different material.

1017 alyx 9sm, milano modeuge ss 2023

44 Label Group, for Milan Fashion Week SS 2023, paraded at the former Farini airport

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On the next step, in preparation since last season, we just saw between June 17 and 21, 2022, with many of them Milanese fashion shows organized away from the city center. On the way away from the square are precisely the brands that tend to give others and high connotations to their collections – basic prerequisites for getting right into the group of them that one needs to be aware of.

1017 alyx 9sm, milano modeuge ss 2023

1017 Alyx 9SM for Milano Fashion Week SS 2023 chose Scarioni swimming pool

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What does it mean? What’s in the suburbs? Anything wrong policy would answer tranchantly. Abandoned swimming pools, former railway stations, degraded sites under renovation or large creative and administrative offices that do not find enough space in the thick metropolis. While the big names have thus remained true to tradition, like those from Design Week, which defended the strongholds of Brera, San Babila and Montenapoleone, the agitators have given themselves new destinations. 1017 Alyx 9SM by the restless Matthew Williams (Givenchy) and Luca Benini (Slam Jam), Magliano, 44 Label groupbut also Dsquared2which rewards the trend of the unusually decentralized, gives rise to the theme gentrification discussed by anthropologists, sociologists and property developers.

dsquared2, milano modeuge ss 2023

In the open space of Superstudio Maxi, Dsquared2 for Milano Fashion Week SS 2023

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Critically, it is reasonable to ask whether these interventions are really aimed at lifting areas that are at odds with the administrations and institutions, or whether it is not just a good wave to ride on. We recall that the phenomenon has been under investigation since the 1960s, and that its impact, certainly not cleaning streets, installing green spaces and improving infrastructure, has often resulted in strong class clashes. If that is the case inclusive fashionWithout being aware of it, he risks slipping on a banana peel and standing on the side of the for-profit bourgeoisie that he declares against.

zegna, milano modeuge ss 2023

In the Biella Alps, Zegna to Milan Fashion Week SS 2023

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Special mention to Zegna closing modeuge in his Oasis, between the Biellian Alps, and shows how the idea of ​​re-design not only passes through a new creative director, but must actually be translated into a business approach that knows how to take into account the needs of today without betraying its own history.

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