Extraordinary competition bis, letter excerpts from which the oral exam starts. NOTICES

Extraordinary competition bis: the submission of the application expired on 16 June. Meanwhile, the school offices are publishing notices of finding teachers available to be part of the committees, and are also proposing a timeline in light of the planned steps.

Constitution of commissions

The USRs publish the notices setting up the notices commissions

When does the test take place

The indications published so far by the scholastic offices

Abruzzo The competition must end in time for the next entries in the role and will therefore take place in July

Friuli Venezia Giulia The competition must be completed in time for the entries in the role of 2022/23 by 15 July next time

Liguria The competition must end in time for the next entries in the role and will therefore take place in July

Even the USRs, which do not specify a specific date, write “Given the need to guarantee a speedy and correct conduct of the competition procedure, the heads of the territorial offices are invited to publish this notice on their respective institutional websites.
and to send it to the scholastic institutions of the relevant provinces, as well as to sensitize the leaders of the competent scholastic institutions and school staff (teachers, DSGA and administrative staff) so that they can propose their candidacies as presidents, members, collective members and secretaries of the selection boards. “

NOTE letter extract


LAZIO Message –

PUGLIA – Message – errata corrige –

Where the test is to take place

The competition takes place in the region to which the candidate has applied for participation.

However, in the presence of a small number of applicants who have submitted an application, Art. 2 pcs. 2, in DDG n. 1081 of 6 May 2022 stipulates that any interregional amalgamation may be arranged, up to a maximum of 150 candidates.

USR identified as responsible for conducting the entire competition procedure ensures the approval of separate rankings for each region.


At least

“Applicants shall receive from the competent USR only communication by e-mail – at the address indicated in the application for participation in the competition – about the place, date and time of their disciplinary test at least twenty days before it takes place. The disciplinary tests in the competition may not take place on public holidays, nor under the Act of March 8, 1989, No. 101, on days of Jewish religious holidays, as well as on days of Waldensian religious holidays. “

Will it be possible to finish everything before the end of July – the first ten days of August?

It can be convenient for graduates.

In fact, once they have been included in the rankings thanks to the test result + the qualification result, their path allows for the allocation of a temporary position per. August 31, 2022

These are the positions that have been vacant from the 2021/22 appointments, so the positions have been set aside.

But having the job on time also means that you have a salary from September 2022, otherwise there will be an overlap that is difficult to see between the ordinary and the last, which will be allocated with the same computer procedure, which is set for the accession to the role.

It is very likely that there may be differences between regions and competition classes, both in terms of the number of applications and the obstacles to commission (past competitions as well as ongoing competitions teach us that the road is not always linear).

Extraordinary competition bis: 35,872 applications. When the summons email arrives, how will the rankings be formed: oral exam and qualifications. PARTICULAR

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