Chloe case, “The procedure was regular. I’m disgusted by those who now accuse the school “

“My offices have completed the report sent to Rome and will now be analyzed by the Minister of Education,” explains Carmela Palumbo, director of the regional school office, referring to the checks carried out by the Ministry of Education on the Venetian transgender Cloe Bianco. teacher who committed suicide on June 11th.

What appeared?
“First of all, it is clear that some of the things reported in the last few days by some newspapers are inaccurate. Cloe Bianco was not removed from the role of teacher after she came out during the 2015-2016 school year. She was an alternate enrolled in two rankings: one for technical-practical teachers and one regarding administrative staff.He agreed to teach for the next two years while in the 2018-2019 school year he chose to work in administration.So no more. Apparently, for personal reasons, he decided not to take on other positions ».

Why should he have given up his career?
“It is not certain that he wanted to give up permanently to work in the school world when in May this year, just a month before the drama, he asked for an update of his rankings. In any case, it is nonsense to claim that it has been demoted, and no one can argue that the regional school office or the institutions in which it worked moved it arbitrarily. ”

Educational Institutions Under Charge: Was Cloe Bianco Persecuted for Being Transsexual?
“It is up to the Minister to express himself. At that time it was not me who headed the regional office, but by reading the documents I honestly got the impression that there was nothing irregular in the management of the disciplinary case to which it was subjected during this period .

How many and which cases did professionals run into?
“I can not go into detail: These cases are at the heart of the controls that the Minister has launched.”

From our scrutiny, at least three disciplinary proceedings were initiated in seven months, between November 2015 and June 2016. The first due to Bianco’s apparent resignation, which ended with a three-day suspension.
“That episode was also distorted. No one ever challenged his choice to come out, but the ways in which he implemented it, which at the time was considered a bit too hasty, did not give the principal time to prepare the students and staff. enough”.

The second procedure was for some inappropriate sentences addressed to some students.
“It closed in June with a filing. And this decision would seem symptomatic of how at that time there was no will to persecute ».

The third, which has never occurred so far, dates back to spring 2016: a day of suspension because she insisted on showing up at school in a miniskirt.
“Namely. But I can not talk about that either: it is up to the minister to judge.”

It remains that from this story the image of the school proposed emerges …
“No one seems to take into account one detail: the facts go back to seven years ago, when the whole society, and not just the school, was not ready to face these choices with the same serenity with which they are accepted today. The situation has improved: Many institutions regulate the “career alias”, which allows you to choose the name that is closest to your gender identity. By that I mean a journey has been made and now an episode like the one from 2015 would not trigger the same scandal. “

What can be done to improve?
“Policies, especially at national level, should provide public administrations with more precise guidelines for dealing with these situations. But the case of Chloe, with its charge of divisions and toxins, shows how far to go also by the various camps that have in recent days commented on what has happened. Sometimes it would be better to keep quiet. ‘

What do you mean?
“I felt disgusted at the exploitation made of this professor’s death. We should respect the very painful choice he made, and instead there are those who took the opportunity to try in every way to connect things that happened to “Seven years ago, with his suicide. It’s a shameful sight.”

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